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Reliability / Preventative Maint / Rotational

Shaft Alignment

Shaft Alignment Instruments are used to properly align two shafts within a tolerance such that later mechanical problems are avoided

Motor Testing

Motor Testing tools allow you to check specific aspects of motors. Examples include detecting electrical discharges from electric motor bearings, or detecting changes in oil condition.


Stroboscobes, or Strobes, measure rotation, oscillation, and other cyclical behavior by "slowing" down objects with rapid light pulses


Tachometers measure the rotational speed (RPM) of motors, shafts, propellers and other rotating equipment

Vibration Meter

Vibration Meters use a piezo accelerometer for preventative maintenance applications such as misaligned shafts, gearbox / bearing issues, and other rotating equipment problems

Belt Alignment

One of the common reasons for unplanned downtime of belt-driven machinery is pulley misalignment. Pulley misalignment can increase wear on pulleys and belts as well as increasing the noise and vibration level, that can result in unplanned machinery downtime.

Bearing Tools

Heaters, pullers, mounting and dismounting tools and accessories to make replacing bearings safe, fast and easy.

Rotary Encoders

Rotary Encoders convert rotation to an analog signal or digital pulse

Fluid Analysis

Testers for system fluids, such as hydraulic, oil, lubrication and fuel.


Poor lubrication accounts for more than 36% of premature bearing failures. Include contamination, and this number rises to well above 50%. The importance of proper lubrication and cleanliness is self-evident in the determination of bearing life.

Grease Dispensers

The importance of lubrication often is overlooked due to its underestimated impact on equipment total cost of ownership. However, machine reliability can be enhanced substantially with proper lubrication.
Reliability / Preventative Maint / Rotational Description
Preventative maintenance is done to ensure that assets continue to perform at their peak in whatever operating context. This ensures continued reliability and safety of machines in industrial applications. Products in this category concern preventative maintenance and measurement of rotational variables in industrial machines.

Shaft Alignment

Shaft alignment is essential to keep machines running at their peaks. If a shaft is misaligned, the machine will run inefficiently and possibly even damage itself. Shaft alignment tools today have come a long way from traditional dial indicator methods that required numerous calculations. Laser technology has facilitated the production of extremely easy to use shaft alignment tools.

Things to consider when purchasing:
  • Interface (screen size, buttons, backlit LCD, etc.)
  • Is storage of alignment data in the tool possible? If so, are there USB ports for PC connection?
  • Some tools incorporate “Soft foot check” – checks if the machine is standing level
  • Pre-alignment features to aid in aligning badly misaligned shafts


Stroboscopes operate by rapidly flashing bright light to effectively slow down or stop the motion of cyclically moving objects. This is useful for observing stresses on machinery in motion and for determining cyclic speed. Stroboscopes today are often bright enough that they can overpower ambient light in most environments.

Things to consider when purchasing:
  • Power – internal or external rechargeable batteries that allow ultimate portability, or line power
  • Accuracy –scopes can be accurate to ±0.01% of their reading
  • Light source (this will determine light intensity) – typically Xenon or LED
  • Flash rate – all units have different ranges, anywhere from 30-35,000 flashes per minute


A tachometer can measure the rotation speed of any rotating device or component. This device measures rotation speed in revolutions per minute (RPM). Almost all cars feature a tachometer as part of the gauge cluster to tell the driver the speed in RPM of the engine’s rotation. Most handheld tachometers today feature LCD screens and can make RPM readings without surface contact.

Things to consider when purchasing:
  • Internal measurement storage – some units have this capability
  • LCD screen size & backlight
  • Accuracy – most are accurate to ±0.05%
  • Battery life – how many measurements per charge
  • Speed range – most measure up to 99,999 RPM

Vibration Meters

Vibration meters are designed to confirm normal vibration levels and detect abnormal levels in industrial machinery due to poor balancing, misalignment, structural compromises, and other factors. These meters can also measure vibration velocity, enveloped acceleration, and even temperature. All these variables are essential to preventative maintenance of industrial machines.

Things to consider when purchasing:
  • Vibration frequency range – most measure 10 - 1,000Hz
  • Internal data storage & PC connectivity
  • Power source
  • Integrated measurement capabilities – temperature, acceleration ,velocity

Motor Testing

Motor Testing tools help you ensure that machinery is always functioning at maximum capability. Unlike other preventive maintenance tools, motor testing tools are designed to check mechanical aspects of the motor itself such as electrical bearing discharges or oil conditions. SKF offers many motor testing tools. Tools are available for inspecting both electric and gas motors. 

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