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Instek specializes in high precision electronic test and measurement instruments. After decades of experience and manufacturing, the quality of their products is unmatched. Founded in 1975, its product portfolio consists of five product lines with more than 300 products. GW Instek is known for their good quality, reliability, wide range of products and continuous innovation.
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Oscilloscopes (65)

An Oscilloscope is an instrument that is used as a graph displaying device of an electrical signal. The graph will show how signals change over time

Spectrum Analyzers

Spectrum Analyzers (17)

A Spectrum Analyzer measures signal amplitude vs. frequency; amplitude is plotted on the y-axis and the frequency on the x-axis. From a spectrum analysis the dominant frequency, power, distortion, harmonics, and bandwidth of an input signal can be measured

Generators / Counters

Generators / Counters (45)

Signal Generators are used in various industries to create signals that simulate behavior of system. Frequency Counters are instruments for measuring frequency

Power Supplies

Power Supplies (111)

Power Supplies deliver electric power to a device or circuit (Electrical Load), usually by stepping down a higher voltage

LCR Meters

LCR Meters (13)

LCR Meters test components and materials in a variety of research and design applications and in component manufacturing

Logic Analyzers

Logic Analyzers (2)

Logic Analyzers display multiple digital signals in a circuit and are ideally suited for complex hardware/software debugging

Micro-Ohmmeter / Milliohmmeter / Megohmmeter

Micro-Ohmmeter / Milliohmmeter / Megohmmeter (8)

Micro-Ohmmeters, Milliohmmeters, and Megohmmeters measure resistance in different ranges and applications

Safety Testing / Surge Testing

Safety Testing / Surge Testing (21)

Electrical equipment makers use Safety Testers in design, testing, and certification to meet UL, CSA, CE, and other international standards


Multimeters (16)

Multimeters are the instrument of choice when you need to measure voltage, current, or resistance

Preamps / Preamplifiers

Preamps / Preamplifiers (2)

Amplifiers amplify a sensor or other electronic signal, typically for use with a spectrum analyzers, waveform generators, and oscilloscopes

Power Measurement

Power Measurement (2)

The measurement of power and power quality includes basic parameters of voltage, current, watts (kW, VA, VAR) or energy (kVAh, VARh, kWh)

Programmers / IC and RAM Testers

Programmers / IC and RAM Testers (4)

Universal device programmers are used to program new chips as well as copy chips for backup and repair. IC testers are used to test integrated circuits. RAM testers are used to check random access memory on devices such as computers

Analog Digital Trainers

Analog Digital Trainers (3)

Analog Digital Trainers are portable work stations that allow users to build, modify, and troubleshoot various types of analog and digital circuits. They allow teachers to demonstrate concepts and allow students to practice

Clamp Meters

Clamp Meters (4)

A Clamp Meter combines a current clamp with the basic functions of a digital multimeter, also called DMM. Clamp the "jaw" around a conductor to measure current.

Audio Test Equipment

Audio Test Equipment (1)

Audio Test Equipment for TV facilities, studios, post production, hobbyists, and more


Tools (2)

Tools are devices, often handheld, used by professionals and hobbyists to make their tasks easier and more efficient


Accessories (325)

Extend the capabilities of your instrument or get genuine Accessories that fit your test equipment


Clearance (8)

New and Open Box Clearance items

Discontinued Products

Discontinued Products (293)

Discontinued Products Gone but Never forgotten.


Instek = Manufacturer of Electronic Test Equipment.  Known For Reliability, Integrity, and Innovation

Instek HeadquartersPicture2Picture3

Founded in 1975, Good Will Instrument Co. (GW Instek) is currently the largest manufacturer of test and measurement instruments in Taiwan. The company's American branch was established in California in 1991. Today Instek's primary product lines are oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, signal sources, power supplies, and component & safety testers. In total the company currently offers over 300 products. These products are sold through subsidiaries in America, China, Japan, S. Korea, and Malaysia to more than 80 countries worldwide.

Quality and reliability is the utmost focus for GW Instek. Each product they make must pass through 40 different quality and performance tests before it is allowed to be sold. Additionally, all Instek manufacturing facilities are ISO-14001 and ISO-9001:2000 certified. GW Instek is constantly improving their product line by investing 7% of their annual revenue in their R&D department. This has resulted in the company winning the 2012 Taiwan Excellence Award for product R&D, design, quality, and marketing. Instek's GDS series oscilloscopes and AFG series function generators received the award. Through this award-winning consistent innovation, the company can now boast the lowest cost per ownership but also some of the best value on the market.



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