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BK Precision

Since 1951 the B&K Precision name has represented quality, consistency, and value. They offer a complete range of general testing and measurement instruments with excellent service at fair prices.
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Battery Testing

Battery Testing (4)

To meet the recommendations and requirements of the updated IEEE and NERC standards for battery systems, Battery Testing Equipment has been specifically designed to measure, record and archive your preventive maintenance program

Clamp Meters

Clamp Meters (8)

A Clamp Meter combines a current clamp with the basic functions of a digital multimeter, also called DMM. Clamp the "jaw" around a conductor to measure current.

Datacom Testing and Telecommunications

Datacom Testing and Telecommunications (2)

Datacom Testing and Telecommunication Equipment covers a broad spectrum of test equipment such as IT networking, datacom cabling, and telcom networks

Environmental Testers / Physical Property

Environmental Testers / Physical Property (8)

Environmental Testers measure environmental elements such as humidity, air flow, temperature, water quality, and more

Gas Detection

Gas Detection (1)

Gas detection equipment sense the presence of one or more gases near the detector. Gas detection is used in a variety of industries and has a number of applications

Generators / Counters

Generators / Counters (37)

Signal Generators are used in various industries to create signals that simulate behavior of system. Frequency Counters are instruments for measuring frequency

Ground Testers

Ground Testers (1)

Ground Testing Instruments offer a comprehensive solution to ground rod resistance and soil resistivity (4 point) requirements

LCR Meters / Impedance Measurement Products

LCR Meters / Impedance Measurement Products (24)

LCR Meters, capacitance meters, impedance analyzers, inductance analyzers test components and materials in a variety of research and design applications and in component manufacturing

Micro-Ohmmeter / Milliohmmeter / Megohmmeter

Micro-Ohmmeter / Milliohmmeter / Megohmmeter (3)

Micro-Ohmmeters, Milliohmmeters, and Megohmmeters measure resistance in different ranges and applications


Multimeters (25)

Multimeters are the instrument of choice when you need to measure voltage, current, or resistance


Oscilloscopes (25)

An Oscilloscope is an instrument that is used as a graph displaying device of an electrical signal. The graph will show how signals change over time

Phase and Rotation Meters

Phase and Rotation Meters (1)

Phase Sequence and Motor Rotation Testers determine the phase rotation of energized circuits and the rotation of motors

Power Supplies

Power Supplies (150)

Power Supplies deliver electric power to a device or circuit (Electrical Load), usually by stepping down a higher voltage

Programmers / IC and RAM Testers

Programmers / IC and RAM Testers (6)

Universal device programmers are used to program new chips as well as copy chips for backup and repair. IC testers are used to test integrated circuits. RAM testers are used to check random access memory on devices such as computers


Radiometric (1)

Radiometry is a broad field encompassing all techniques for measuring electromagnetic radiation, including the measure of visible light

Spectrum Analyzers

Spectrum Analyzers (3)

Spectrum Analyzers measure signal amplitude vs. frequency. RF Field Strength Meters measure RF levels and electric field strength.


Thermometers (5)

Thermometers are temperature measuring instruments. Two main categories are contact type and infrared

Video Test Equipment

Video Test Equipment (3)

Waveform Monitors, Rasterizers, and Video Signal Generators are used in the broadcast industry for troubleshooting, testing, and synchronization of television and video systems


Accessories (137)

Extend the capabilities of your instrument or get genuine Accessories that fit your test equipment


Clearance (20)

New and Open Box Clearance items

Megohmmeter / Insulation Resistance Testers

Megohmmeter / Insulation Resistance Testers (2)

Megohmmeters, or Insulation Resistance (IR) Testers, are used to measure the resistance, integrity and safety of electrical wiring insulation

Discontinued Products

Discontinued Products (400)

Discontinued Products Gone but Never forgotten.

Logic Analyzers

Logic Analyzers (4)

Logic Analyzers display multiple digital signals in a circuit and are ideally suited for complex hardware/software debugging

Power Measurement

Power Measurement (1)

The measurement of power and power quality includes basic parameters of voltage, current, watts (kW, VA, VAR) or energy (kVAh, VARh, kWh)


Outstanding Products and Excellent Service at Fair Prices

For over 60 years B&K Precision has provided test and measurement solutions to customers from a wide range of fields, including research and development, product design, industrial maintenance, electronic field service, production line testing, and education. However, when the company began in 1948 in a garage in Chicago its specialty was tools for television service. By 1951 B&K had expanded to include an electronic test and measurement branch. This branch of the company would eventually become a world-leader in the test and measurement industry and remains that today.

B&K offers a complete range of general testing and measurement instruments. The company's most popular products include power supplies and DC electronic loads, signal generators (especially function and arbitrary generators), component testers, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, and multimeters. They also provide a full range of device programmers, video and cable testers, electrical and battery testers, and environmental testers. They also manufacture a large array of probes, leads, adapters, and additional accessories that make testing easier.

B&K Precision actually uses the products they make, so their commitment to well-made, reliable products is personal. The company mission is to maintain the core values upon which its reputation was built, develop new products to meet rapidly changing needs, and continue providing the products and service that customers have come to trust. The company's offices in North America, Europe, and Asia work with an international network of authorized distributors to deliver products worldwide and provide global service and support. B&K also owns subsidiaries Sefram, ITECH, and Lodestar.

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