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Velleman is a Belgian company with over 40 years of experience. It manufactures a variety of electronics tools and test and measurement instruments.
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Audio Test Equipment

Audio Test Equipment (1)

Audio Test Equipment for TV facilities, studios, post production, hobbyists, and more

Datacom Testing and Telecommunications

Datacom Testing and Telecommunications (5)

Datacom Testing and Telecommunication Equipment covers a broad spectrum of test equipment such as IT networking, datacom cabling, and telcom networks

Dataloggers / Data Acquisition

Dataloggers / Data Acquisition (1)

Dataloggers (or Data Logger, Data Recorder, Data Acquisition) refers to electronics designed to capture analog signals or measurements over time for study and review later

Distance Meter

Distance Meter (1)

Laser Distance Meters and Ultrasonic Distance Meters are terrific and affordable alternatives to a tape measure for distance measurements.

Electrical Parts and Products

Electrical Parts and Products (32)

The Electrical Parts and Products in this category are used in a variety of electrical applications, including wire management, wire pulling, troubleshooting and more

Enclosures and Boxes

Enclosures and Boxes (16)

Enclosures and boxes are designed to hold electrical equipment and come in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials to suit each application

Environmental Testers / Physical Property

Environmental Testers / Physical Property (8)

Environmental Testers measure environmental elements such as humidity, air flow, temperature, water quality, and more

Preamps / Preamplifiers

Preamps / Preamplifiers (5)

Amplifiers amplify a sensor or other electronic signal, typically for use with a spectrum analyzers, waveform generators, and oscilloscopes

Generators / Counters

Generators / Counters (4)

Signal Generators are used in various industries to create signals that simulate behavior of system. Frequency Counters are instruments for measuring frequency

HVAC Equipment and Instruments

HVAC Equipment and Instruments (1)

TEquipment offers a great selection of HVAC Equipment and Instruments for the HVAC/R technician

LCR Meters / Impedance Measurement Products

LCR Meters / Impedance Measurement Products (3)

LCR Meters, capacitance meters, impedance analyzers, inductance analyzers test components and materials in a variety of research and design applications and in component manufacturing


Microscopes (9)

Microscopes magnify objects too small to see with the naked eye. While there are several types of microscopes, our focus at TEquipment is on optical microscopes and fiber optic scopes


Multimeters (5)

Multimeters are the instrument of choice when you need to measure voltage, current, or resistance


Oscilloscopes (7)

An Oscilloscope is an instrument that is used as a graph displaying device of an electrical signal. The graph will show how signals change over time

Power Supplies

Power Supplies (8)

Power Supplies deliver electric power to a device or circuit (Electrical Load), usually by stepping down a higher voltage

Reliability / Preventative Maint / Rotational

Reliability / Preventative Maint / Rotational (3)

Test instruments for Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and Preventative Maintenance (PM) programs, such as for Rotating Equipment


Prototyping (14)

Prototyping products are used by students, professionals, and hobbyist to build experimental models


Radiometric (2)

Radiometry is a broad field encompassing all techniques for measuring electromagnetic radiation, including the measure of visible light

Soldering Equipment

Soldering Equipment (15)

Soldering is the process of bonding two or more metal items by filling the joint with a material called solder


Toys (115)

Shop TEquipment.NET for educational toys, games, consumer products, and activities


Tools (35)

Tools are devices, often handheld, used by professionals and hobbyists to make their tasks easier and more efficient

Video Equipment

Video Equipment (6)

TEquipment has all the Video Distribution Equipment needed to split, convert, scale, switch, display, multi-window, and more for the Video professional

Video Test Equipment

Video Test Equipment (1)

Waveform Monitors, Rasterizers, and Video Signal Generators are used in the broadcast industry for troubleshooting, testing, and synchronization of television and video systems


Accessories (112)

Extend the capabilities of your instrument or get genuine Accessories that fit your test equipment


Clearance (3)

New and Open Box Clearance items

Discontinued Products

Discontinued Products (393)

Discontinued Products Gone but Never forgotten.

Process / Calibration

Process / Calibration (1)

Process Calibration Equipment refers to test equipment used to calibrate process instrumentation, particularly temperature, pressure, and process signals (ex. Pulse, 4-20 mA, 0-10 VDC)

Velleman has been developing electronics for over 40 years. They are currently based in Belgium but have established offices in Spain, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, China, Taiwan, and the USA. However, their products are currently distributed throughout 85 countries. Velleman also owns subsidiary brands HQ Power and Perel. Their current line contains over 18,000 products, of which a large portion is test and measurement equipment and tools for electrical applications.

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