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Testo has specialized in world-leading portable test and measurement instruments for over 50 years. They are recognized as a leading worldwide manufacturer of portable combustion efficiency analyzers and air emission analyzers.
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Manifolds and Gauges

Manifolds and Gauges (8)

2 and 4 valve digital manifolds.  Options include data logging, USB connectivity, and much more

Refrigerant Leak Detectors

Refrigerant Leak Detectors (2)

Refrigerant Leak Detectors are available to pinpoint specific leaks and also to monitor areas or rooms

HVAC Manometers

HVAC Manometers (19)

Manometers measure low differential pressures and are used in applications such as adjusting furnace blower fan speed

Airflow Capture Hood - Balometer

Airflow Capture Hood - Balometer (2)

Air Capture Hoods measure air flow thru HVAC vents, grilles, and diffusers to help balance air flows between ducts

Hose Adapters, Valves and Parts

Hose Adapters, Valves and Parts (1)

Adapters, couplers, valve core tools, and much more

Dataloggers / Data Acquisition

Dataloggers / Data Acquisition (20)

Dataloggers (or Data Logger, Data Recorder, Data Acquisition) refers to electronics designed to capture analog signals or measurements over time for study and review later

Environmental Testers / Physical Property

Environmental Testers / Physical Property (61)

Environmental Testers measure environmental elements such as humidity, air flow, temperature, water quality, and more

Gas Detection

Gas Detection (20)

Gas detection equipment sense the presence of one or more gases near the detector. Gas detection is used in a variety of industries and has a number of applications

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality (10)

Indoor Air Quality, or IAQ, refers to the study, monitoring, remediation, and prevention of indoor pollutants and particles that cause discomfort and even health problems in homes and businesses

Reliability / Preventative Maint / Rotational

Reliability / Preventative Maint / Rotational (4)

Test instruments for Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and Preventative Maintenance (PM) programs, such as for Rotating Equipment

Clamp Meters

Clamp Meters (3)

A Clamp Meter combines a current clamp with the basic functions of a digital multimeter, also called DMM. Clamp the "jaw" around a conductor to measure current.

Process / Calibration

Process / Calibration (3)

Process Calibration Equipment refers to test equipment used to calibrate process instrumentation, particularly temperature, pressure, and process signals (ex. Pulse, 4-20 mA, 0-10 VDC)


Radiometric (2)

Radiometry is a broad field encompassing all techniques for measuring electromagnetic radiation, including the measure of visible light

Thermal Imagers

Thermal Imagers (10)

Thermal Imagers are used to capture infrared images in applications ranging from industrial, fire, law enforcement, hunting and more


Thermometers (46)

Thermometers are temperature measuring instruments. Two main categories are contact type and infrared


Accessories (419)

Extend the capabilities of your instrument or get genuine Accessories that fit your test equipment

Discontinued Products

Discontinued Products (746)

Discontinued Products Gone but Never forgotten.


Clearance (5)

New and Open Box Clearance items


Multimeters (3)

Multimeters are the instrument of choice when you need to measure voltage, current, or resistance

Voltage / Continuity and Non-Contact Testers

Voltage / Continuity and Non-Contact Testers (1)

Voltage and Continuity Testers and also Non-Contact Voltage and Current Detectors are some of the most basic electrical circuit testing tools

Testo is a German company, founded in 1957. Their first product ever produced was a basic electric thermometer. Today their product line is extremely large, and includes dataloggers, air velocity meters, humidity and dew point meters, refrigeration service analyzers, stack gas analyzers and air emission monitors, water analyzers, tachometers, sound, pressure and light meters, and thermal imagers. They have also become a large supplier of HVAC, critical HVAC, refrigeration, airflow, and environmental monitoring instruments. Testo strives to provide the best quality and service in the test and measurement industry. They offer up to a 3 year warranty on parts and unlimited service for the life of any of their instruments.
Current Statistics:
  • Revenue (2012): $299 million
  • Employees: 2,450
  • Subsidiaries: 24
Watch Testo's national sales manager briefly discuss working with TEquipment, innovation, and product quality.


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