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SKF is a well-established world leader in bearing technology. They also offer a full range of instruments for vibration and basic condition monitoring, as well as bearing maintenance.
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Borescopes / Boroscopes

Borescopes / Boroscopes (3)

A Borescope or Boroscope is ideal for non-destructive visual inspection of inaccessible areas

Environmental Testers / Physical Property

Environmental Testers / Physical Property (1)

Environmental Testers measure environmental elements such as humidity, air flow, temperature, water quality, and more

Leakage Detectors

Leakage Detectors (2)

TEquipment carries three types of Leakage Detectors: Microwave emissions from ovens; Ultrasonic for compressed air and similar applications; and Refrigerant gas

Reliability / Preventative Maint / Rotational

Reliability / Preventative Maint / Rotational (938)

Test instruments for Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and Preventative Maintenance (PM) programs, such as for Rotating Equipment


Thermometers (7)

Thermometers are temperature measuring instruments. Two main categories are contact type and infrared


Tools (5)

Tools are devices, often handheld, used by professionals and hobbyists to make their tasks easier and more efficient


Accessories (429)

Extend the capabilities of your instrument or get genuine Accessories that fit your test equipment

Discontinued Products

Discontinued Products (462)

Discontinued Products Gone but Never forgotten.

Thermal Imagers

Thermal Imagers (2)

Thermal Imagers are used to capture infrared images in applications ranging from industrial, fire, law enforcement, hunting and more

Process / Calibration

Process / Calibration (5)

Process Calibration Equipment refers to test equipment used to calibrate process instrumentation, particularly temperature, pressure, and process signals (ex. Pulse, 4-20 mA, 0-10 VDC)

HVAC Equipment and Instruments

HVAC Equipment and Instruments (3)

TEquipment offers a great selection of HVAC Equipment and Instruments for the HVAC/R technician

SKF is a Swedish company founded in 1907. Since their incorporation they have been manufacturing revolutionary, high quality ball bearings for industrial applications. Today they continue to manufacture top of the line products that have been refined through over 100 years of manufacturing experience in over 40 industries. The knowledge that is behind every SKF product ensures that the product will perform better and last longer than similar products from competitors.

Current Statistics:
  • Employees: 46,775
  • Subsidiaries: 130+
  • Manufacturing/operation sites: 140 across 32 countries
  • Revenue (2012): $9.9 billion
Download the SKF Maintenance and Lubrication Products Catalog. Click the thumbnail image or here


Check out the video below to learn about SKF's history and get a better idea of the company's vision.


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