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Fluke Accessoires
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Fluke Accessories

Batteries and Chargers

Replacement batteries and chargers for most battery powered units we sell.

Cables - Misc

Various lengths and types of cable with different types of adapters.


We carry cases of many shapes, sizes, and materials to fit any need.

Dry Block Bath Inserts

These interchangeable inserts are used with field metrology wells and allow the user to calibrate probes of various sizes with a single insert.

General Accessories

General accessories include everything from test leads to heaters to tool boxes to wire nuts. If you can't find it anywhere else, look for it here.

Jacks /Adapters /Plugs /Clips /Terminators/Coaxial

Large variety of Connectors to terminate ends of cables


Optional, product-specific items. Typically installed in an instrument

Pressure Calibrator Modules

These devices are designed to measure pressure and to calibrate test equipment used for measuring pressure


Accessory Probes are a vital part of measurement systems. Here you will find Logic, Multimeter, Oscilloscope, RF, and Temperature Probes


Find a selection of Coaxial Cables from several manufacturers

Case and Cart Accessories

Case and cart accessories include wheels, straps, dividers, foam inserts, and tool trays.

Rack Mounts and Stands

Here you will find rack mounting kits for specific instruments and test stands, primarily for FLUKE Calibration

Repair Parts and Fuses

Assorted fuses of different amp/volt ratings from different manufacturers and various replacement parts


Various types of supplementary software for certain products, data logging software, waveform & data analysis software, product control software


Shunts create low resistance paths for current to flow through around a certain point in a circuit and are used to measure current

Test Leads and Instrument Accessory Kits

Find a wide selection of Test Leads and Instrument Accessory Kits

Training Courses/CDs/Books

Educational and instructional videos and books for students, resources for teachers, manuals, training courses.

Lab Accessories

Weights, external displays, scales, PH meters, temperature calibrators, etc.

Warranty and Calibration

Here you can purchase calibration and certification for instruments that you can purchase on our website. You can also purchase extended warranties for products from certain brands.

Thermal Imager Accessories

Various lenses of different focal lengths, eyepieces, hot shoes, external monitors, lens caps, holsters/straps.

Switch and Semiconductor Modules/Access

Find Modules, Input Cards, and accessories for Switch and Semiconductor Test Systems

LED and LCD Displays

LCD and LED external displays and monitors.

Microscope Accessories

Replacement lenses and eyepieces, miniature photo and video cameras, ring lights, and diaphragms for microscopes.
Fluke Accessories Description

Extend the capabilities of your instrument or get genuine Accessories that fit your test equipment. TEquipment carries all the Test Equipment Accessories you will need. We have them organized in about 40 categories. If you cannot find the category you need, try the smart search on our website or feel free to contact our office. We are glad to help.


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