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EZ Digital manufactures a full line of test and measurement instruments including oscilloscopes, digital multimeters, and clamp meters. It is a small Korean company founded in 1988.
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Signal Generators are used in various industries to create signals that simulate behavior of system. Frequency Counters are instruments for measuring frequency


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An Oscilloscope is an instrument that is used as a graph displaying device of an electrical signal. The graph will show how signals change over time

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DC Power Supplies (10)

Power Supplies step down or up an AC Voltage and convert it to DC

EZ Digital is a smaller-sized Korean manufacturer that began in 1988. They offer clamp meters, cable checkers, frequency counters, oscilloscopes, signal generators, and digital multimeters. By exporting these products they have become a globally know name in test and measurement manufacturing, with current operations and sales in the USA, China, and Europe. EZ Digital is constantly focusing on R&D and innovation, with the goal of one day growing into an industry leader.

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