TIF 9010A Slimline Refrigerant Scale, 110 Pound Capacity

9010A Great Accurate Scale For A Great Price


This scale 9010A was delivered to me the very next day after ordering it early AM, that was great. I tested the accuracy of the scale using small washers about 1/10oz each. 1st one placed on scale was detected 1/10oz. 10 placed on scale was 1oz, then placed 26lb tank on scale and zeroed the scale. Moved each washer off and it counted down to -1.0oz. The verdict, perfect accuracy for performing a small critical charge of 5.0oz or so for refrigeration. I can't see what the more expensive scales could do as far as accuracy goes over this inexpensive priced scale. This together with very fast shipping from Tequipment and the email coupon they sent have far exceeded my expectations.

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