Pace MBT 301 Soldering & Desoldering Station - with TD-100 Iron, SX-100 Desoldering Iron

Making recapping possible


Four stars because I don't believe in unwarranted standing ovations -- my four leaves space for improvement but indicates it's a really solid piece. We bought two of these (MBT301). I have prior experience with an older Pace desoldering tool and a Hakko 808. The desoldering tool is similar to the older model. They included four paperboard solder catchers in addition to the standard glass reusable; I'm using up the paperboard for now but will be returning to the glass as I like their performance a little more (may be a placebo effect). The iron (TD-100A) is awesome compared to the various Wellers and prior Pace I've worked with. I love the pluggable tips both for ease and the quality of them. I also ordered a TJ-70 for each station but haven't used them yet as they just came in. Overall, this is great for what I'm doing -- replacing thousands of electrolytic capacitors in old audio equipment. Build quality is great; reliability is great. The only complaints are that out of the box it comes with a timeout that will turn off the iron while I'm using it (I have to change that setting) and that sometimes the desoldering tools has a tough time with certain joints (which are usually destroyed from previous attempts with other tools).

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