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PIE 510-Pt100-4 Single RTD Simulator

PIE 510-Pt100-4
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RTD Source (α = 1.3926)(Single Type/1° resolution)(NIST Certificate Included)


  • Accurate to ±0.25°C (±0.5°F) for Pt 100 Ohm RTD’s with 1° Resolution
  • Source one dedicated RTD curve with Direct Temperature Output
  • Selectable °C or °F with 1° resolution
  • Several Manufacturers RTD Curves Available- plus custom curves Platinum, Copper & Nickel
  • Guaranteed to Work with All Pulsed Instruments
  • Works with a wide variety of transmitters including popular Rosemount and Honeywell Models
  • Compatible with devices using pulsed excitation currents including PLCs, DCS, Recorders, and all others
  • EZ-Dial Knob with two dialing speeds makes adjusting output easy
  • EZ-Check switch can store settings for 0% and 100% span adjustments
  • Uses a standard 9V Alkaline Battery
  • Superior battery life of 45 hours under typical continuous usage
  • Easy access to battery compartment
  • Lightweight and Rugged with a Solid Feel
  • Small and tough
  • Protected to 60V
  • NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate included Free
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PIE 510-Pt100-4 Single RTD Simulator PIE 510Pt1004 510-Pt100-4 510 Pt100 4

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Product Information

The Practical Instrument Electronics (PIE) Model 510 simulates RTD resistances into all types of instruments such as transmitters, recorders, controllers, alarms, data acquisition, and computer systems. The Model 510 is a superior replacement for decade boxes, so there is no need to lug a decade box around or be prone to error by reading RTD tables incorrectly. The PIE 510 has better accuracy and functions of many higher priced RTD calibrators.

The Model 510 has better accuracy, functions and compatibility than many higher priced RTD calibrators. The EZ-Check function allows the user to store three output temperatures for real convenience. This will save time for repetitive calibrations by instantly recalling the three stored temperature values. Three output settings can be stored, and all settings aresaved, even with the power off.


General Specifications: (Unless otherwise indicated all specifications are rated from a nominal 23 °C, 70 % RH for 1 year from calibration)
Temperature Range -25 to 60 °C (-10 to 140 °F)
Relative Humidity Range 10 % ≤RH ≤90 % (0 to 35 °C), Non-condensing
10 % ≤RH≤ 70 % (35 to 60 °C), Non-condensing
Size 4.9 X 3.15 X 1.82 inches (125.5 X 80 X 46.2 mm)
Weight 9.1 oz (258 grams) Battery 9V Alkaline provides 45 hours of continuous use
Battery 9V Alkaline provides 45 hours of continuous use
Miscellaneous High contrast graphic liquid crystal display with 0.357” (9.07 mm) high digits
Low battery indication with nominal 1 hour of operation left
Protection to 60V DC or AC peak up to 30 seconds in duration
RTD Curve Simulation Specifications (ITS-90 Curves)
Accuracy ±(0.015% of Setting in ? + 0.05?)
Typical Accuracies for RTD Curves Pt100 ±0.25°C (±0.5°F)
Cu10 ±1.5°C (±3°F)
Ni110, Ni 120? ±0.25°C (±0.5°F)
Allowable Excitation Current 100 µA to 10.2 mA, steady or pulsed/intermittent/smart
For accuracies below 100µA add ±10µV/Excitation Current (units are in ?)
Pulsed Excitation Current DC to 0.01 second pulse widths
Compatibility Output Dial Adjustment Resolution: 1°C or 1°F for Model 510
Temperature Coefficient: ±0.05?/°C Ambient



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