International Medcom

International Medcom specializes in radiation detection. The company offers radiation detection solutions for a variety of applications including professional, home and office, community monitoring, and security. 

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International Medcom, or IMI, was founded in California in 1986. Founders included Joe Jaffe and Dan Sythe. These men worked together for years on projects like early generations of ultrasonic imaging instruments and Doppler Fetal Pulse Detectors. In 1979 the men developed the first generation of hand-held radiation detectors which remain popular today due to durability and reliability. These early radiation detectors laid the foundation for International Medcom. After the company was officially incorporated, innovations came one after the other. The company developed the first generation of  digital radiation detectors, called Radalert, in 1988 as well as the first community radiation monitoring programs in 1989. The company is also responsible for supplying the first radiation detectors for public safety vehicles in NYC post 9/11.

Today, IMI takes pride in supporting communities which have been affected by radiation in the past. IMI supports numerous Native American communities affected by uranium mining and nuclear testing, Hawaiian and Polynesian communities with concerns about nuclear testing and DU, and Safecast and other nonprofits engaged in mapping radiation levels in Fukushima Prefecture and beyond. IMI is also responsible for installing the latest continuous live radiation sensors in NYC and other communities like Fukushima. Today, International Medcom radiation detection instruments are used by concerned citizens, fire fighters, police, EMTs and paramedics, emergency room personnel, DOE, NNSA, DHS, ODND, CEMP, NRDC, Safecast, and Congressional and World Leaders.