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Instek GDS-1054B 50MHz, 4-Channel, Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Instek GDS-1054B
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50MHz, 4Channel DSO NEW

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  • GDS-1054B 50MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  • 50 MHz Bandwidths
  • 4 Channel models
  • 7ns Rise Time
  • 7” LCD WVGA Display
  • 10M/Ch Memory depth
  • 1GS/s MAX.
  • 50,000 wfm/s update rate
  • 1M FFT
  • LabVIEW Driver
  • USB Host, [LAN, 4ch]
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Instek GDS-1000B Series

Instek GDS-1054B 50MHz, 4-Channel, Digital Storage Oscilloscope

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Product Information

Instek GDS-1054B 50MHz, 4-Channel, Digital Storage Oscilloscope


GDS-1000B Series Digital Storage Oscilloscope

  • Real-time sampling rate of 1GSa/s max
  • Deep memory: 10M points record length
  • Vertical sensitivity: 1mV/div~10V/div
  • On-screen Help
  • 32MB internal flash disk
  • Go-NoGo app
Digital oscilloscopes have entered an epoch-making generation. Innovative design, compact appearance, and abundant functionalities together forge this simple-in-look oscilloscope a very powerful test and measurement instrument which facilitates engineers to easily solve complex measurement issues. This is the latest definition of digital oscilloscope defined by GDS-1000B. The GDS-1000B series demonstrates the impeccable functionalities with an extremely ordinary pricing, which allows customers to realize the true meaning of bigger bang for the buck. Although, the GDS-1000B series is under the category of general purpose oscilloscope, the full functionalities within this simple-in-look oscilloscope, including parameter measurement, cursor indication, digital voltage meter, and data logging, surpasses the same category 1000 series oscilloscopes in the market. All applications of the GDS-1000B series can be applied to the educational field and the fundamental R&D units of the industrial sector.

The GDS-1000B series features three bandwidth selections ─ 100 MHz, 70 MHz, 50MHz and equips with analog signal input terminals by four or two channels ( 50MHz only equipped 4 channels input ). The maximum sampling rate for each single channel is 1GSa/s, and the memory depth is 10Mpts per channel independently. The waveform update rate is 50,000wfms/s, which helps users to precisely observe the detailed waveform variation. Additionally, 7” WVGA color LCD display and the 256 color gradient display function together allow waveforms to be observed with the senses of transparency and gradation. With respect to the horizontal time scale adjustment knob and trigger level adjustment knob, GW Instek provides a very thoughtful design ─the zero key function, which allows engineers to work more effectively.

For mathematical analysis mode, 1Mpts FFT signal display makes the dull frequency domain signal analysis more delicate. Diversified trigger functions, X-Y mode analysis, and Go/NoGo function arm the GDS-1000B series oscilloscope with higher level measurement technologies. The GDS-1000B series oscilloscope also provides OpenWave connection software, which allows users to conduct waveform observation and data storage controlled by remote PC. Moreover, the innovative exterior design and compact design also bring much convenience to users. Other diversified and charming multi-functional operation demonstrates the concept of complete technology integration.
The GDS-1000B Series Features
Waveform update rate up to 50,000wfms/s and VPO Display Technology
The GDS-1000B series oscilloscope is under the category of general and fundamental oscilloscope by the market segmentation. Nevertheless, the series arms itself with the waveform update rate up to 50,000wfms/s and VPO waveform display technology. Users can input a rapid frequency modulation carrier signal as shown on the diagram. An unsmooth temporarily holding phenomenon will occur while using conventional digital oscilloscopes to measure this signal. As a result, the conventional digital oscilloscopes could not clearly yield the modulation variation process of frequency modulation signals. With the GDS-1000B series oscilloscope, the measurement result will produce not only a smooth waveform modulation variation, but also detailed changes by distinct layers. Engineers could easily grasp the root cause of electric circuits while measuring the unexpected and fast changing signals. The GDS-1000B series is indeed an excellent debugging weapon for the test and measurement industry.

Waveform update rate up to 50,000wfms/s


256 color gradient display
With respect to the waveform display technology, the GDS-1000B series oscilloscope is capable of displaying 256 color gradients which can delineate the profound gradational fluctuations; as if it can recreate the analog oscilloscope display capability. When a multi-layer video signal is input, the GDS-1000B series, with 256 color gradient display, has the ability to precisely reveal the colored burst signal and to show details of layers with the brightness. Hence, the dull monochrome waveform is imbued with vitality, which is precisely the unlimited measurement fascination the GDS-1000B series intents to bring to the general purpose oscilloscope arena.

256 color gradient display


10M memory depth per channel independently
The GDS-1000B series oscilloscope has a powerful and incomparable memory depth for the data retrieving. 10M memory depth per channel independently surpasses the specification of the industry’s 1000 series boundary. 10M memory depth allows users to easily seize the waveform detail while conducting fundamental measurement applications. If a long serial sequent sine waveform is input and the time scale is adjusted to 1mv/div, other 1000 series oscilloscopes for lack of sufficient memory depth will appear a distorted waveform while enlarging the waveform for its details. The GDS-1000B series while enlarging the waveform to 20ns/div reveals a very clear sine waveform detail which is precisely the true value of the GDS-1000B series oscilloscope.

10M memory depth per channel independently


1M FFT mathematical sampling analysis mode
The GDS-1000B series oscilloscope, under the Fast Fourier Transform mathematical analysis mode, is equipped with the 1M memory depth retrieving mode. For the conventional digital oscilloscopes, the FFT mode often has only 1000 point retrieving length; therefore, they can not show the strength distribution of each spectrum quantity under the frequency domain mode. The GDS-1000B series oscilloscope leads the industry to provide the display mode of 1M retrieving points, which can clearly show the detail of each spectrum quantity. On top of that, the 50,000 wfms/s waveform update rate augments the FFT analysis mode to be fast and precise as if a real time spectrum analyzer is used. These features substantially elevate oscilloscope’s signal processing capability for the frequency domain analysis. The diagram illustrates a 200 KHz carrier waveform to be modulated as a standard FM signal with 40 KHz carrier waveform and 5 KHz frequency deviation. Since the GDS-1000B series is equipped with 1M memory depth, a 5 KHz frequency deviation interval can be clearly revealed that allows engineers to fully grasp the measurement details.

1M FFT mathematical sampling analysis mode


Zoom In/Play and Pause Function
The GDS-1000B series provides engineers with partial waveform zoom in function to observe waveform in great details. The display screen can be split into two windows: the upper window shows waveform data log in a long period of time and the marked vicinity of the waveform needed to be zoomed in; the lower window shows the enlarged partial waveform. The function not only allows engineers to make a comparison but also grasp waveform details in the different timeframe. Additionally, the GDS-1000B series also features the play/pause function. For the long waveform observation, the play/pause function facilitates engineers to rapidly skim through the whole section of DUT’s waveforms as well as to swiftly identify waveform’s problems.

Zoom In/Play and Pause Function


Diversified Trigger Functions
The GDS-1000B series oscilloscope is equipped with diversified trigger functions, including Edge Trigger, Delay Trigger, Pulse Width Trigger, and Video Trigger. Engineers, based upon different waveform measurements, can select different trigger functions to lock waveforms in order to identify the root cause of the complicated circuit designs to save development time and to accomplish tasks.

Diversified Trigger Functions


X-Y Mode Display
The GDS-1000B series oscilloscope provides the educational market with some powerful measurement functions. Among them, the X-Y mode display is an excellent example. Teachers and students can use X-Y mode display to conduct Lissajou diagram teaching, which allows users to easily understand the relation between waveforms and frequency while measuring sine waveforms with different frequency by dual channels. For engineers working for the industries, the X-Y mode display can be used to conduct yield rate tests for basic components’ electric conduction and non conduction. Therefore, the X-Y mode display plays an important role in basic oscilloscopes.

X-Y Mode Display


Go/NoGo Function
For the industries, the yield rate determination is very important to mass production. The GDS-1000B series oscilloscope provides the Go/NoGo analysis function to accelerate the yield rate analysis. From the right diagram, the Go/NoGo function provides a standard waveform template for examining DUT’s waveforms. The function can freely adjust the size of template. A defect message will be shown if the DUT’s waveform is abnormal and touches the template. The function is not only very useful measurement tool for production lines but also a very convenient tool for engineers to observe waveforms in a long period of time.

Go/NoGo Function


Digital Voltage Meter Function
For electric circuit measurement and debugging, R&D engineers require oscilloscopes as well as basic voltage meters. The GDS-1000B series oscilloscope equips with a digital voltage meter with three-digit voltage value and five-digit frequency value. Engineers, by pressing the option key, can select the digital voltage meter function from the menu to measure DC/AC voltage, duty cycle, and frequency. Engineers can not only measure waveforms but also monitor the electric parameters of each component on the circuit board. The function is a very convenient tool.

Digital Voltage Meter Function

*Users need to download this application from GW Instek website*

Data Log Function
The GDS-1000B series oscilloscope has the data log function option, which allows users to observe and record waveform changes in a long period of time to ensure product’s reliability and stability. The data log function can set data storage time and interval based on the test requirements. Record time can be set from 5 minutes to 100 hours and the interval can be set as 5 seconds the shortest. Data log formats include waveform and point data in CSV file. Data can be saved to USB, GDS-1000B or remote computer via LAN. It is very user-friendly and also an advanced measurement management tool.

Data Log Function

*Users need to download this application from GW Instek website*

Digital Filter Function
In electric circuit tests, engineers are often troubled by noise interference while measuring signals. The GDS-1000B series oscilloscope provides the digital filter function option, which can be set as high pass or low pass filter. The filter frequency can be adjusted according to the requirements. The filter parameters of each channel can also be set. The tracking on function can be used to set same filter frequency for all channels.



Digital Filter Function


Digital Filter Function

*Users need to download this application from GW Instek website*

36 Measurement Parameter Selections
The GDS-1000B series oscilloscope is equipped with 36 different automatic measurement parameter functions. Users, after obtaining measured waveforms, can select different measurement parameters from Measure key according to different measurement requirements. The GDS-1000B series shows simultaneously eight sets of different measurement parameters on the bottom of the display screen. Users can also select to show all parameters if the preset eight sets are insufficient. Once the selection is made, all 36 measurement parameters will be shown on the center of the display screen. This is a very convenient measurement tool for students writing dissertations or engineers writing reports.



36 Measurement Parameter Selections


36 Measurement Parameter Selections

OpenWave Connection Software
The GDS-1000B series oscilloscope, via the OpenWave connection software developed by GW Instek, can connect with the PC. Users, after installing USB driver under Windows interface, can connect GDS-1000B with the PC through USB cable and OpenWave software. Waveform interpretation and retrieval can be done from the PC end. Data retrieval and storage can better facilitate users in processing analysis. OpenWave connection software is indeed a very powerful tool for engineers to compile reports or to integrate systems.

OpenWave Connection Software

Panel Introduction
(1) 7 inch WVGA LCD Display
(2) 1GSa/s Real-Time Sampling Rate
(3) Zoom and Play/Pause
(4) Math Computing, Waveform Reference
(5) Demonstration Output and USB Port
(6) Connecting Interface : USB, LAN
(7) CAL and Go/NoGo Output

What's In The Box

  • User Manual x1
  • Power Cord x1
  • GTP-070B-4 70MHz Passive Probe


Model GDS-1054B GDS-1072B GDS-1074B GDS-1102B GDS-1104B
Channels 4 2 + Ext 4 2 + Ext 4
Bandwidth DC ~ 50MHz (–3dB) DC ~ 70MHz (–3dB) DC ~ 70MHz (–3dB) DC ~ 100MHz (–3dB) DC ~ 100MHz (–3dB)
Rise Time 5ns 5ns 5ns 3.5ns 3.5ns
Bandwidth Limit 20MHz 20MHz 20MHz 20MHz 20MHz
Vertical Vertical Sensitivity Resolution 8 bit :1mV*~10V/div
Input Coupling AC, DC, GND
Input Impedance 1MΩ// 16pF approx.
DC Gain Accuracy* ±3%
Polarity Normal & Invert
Maximum Input Voltage 300Vrms, CAT I
(300Vrms CAT II with GTP-070A- 4/100A-4 10:1 probe)
Offset Position Range 1mV/div : ±1.25V
2mV/div ~ 100mV/div : ±2.5V
200mV/div ~ 10V/div : ±125V
Waveform Signal Process Plus, -, ×, ÷, FFT, FFTrms, User Defined Expression
FFT: Spectral magnitude. Set FFT Vertical Scale to
Linear RMS or dBV RMS, and FFT Window to
Rectangular, Hamming, Hanning, or Blackman-
Trigger Source CH1, CH2, CH3*, CH4*, Line, EXT**
*four channel models only.
**two channel models only.
Trigger Mode Auto (supports Roll Mode for 100 ms/div and
slower), Normal, Single Sequence
Trigger Type Edge, Pulse Width, Video, Pulse Runt, Rise & Fall,
Timeout, Alternate, Event-Delay(1~65535 events),
Time-Delay(Duration, 4nS~10S), Bus
Holdoff range 4ns to 10s
Coupling AC, DC, LF rej., Hf rej., Noise rej.
Sensitivity 1div
External Trigger Range ±15V
Sensitivity DC ~ 100MHz Approx. 100mV
100MHz ~ 200MHz Approx. 150mV
Input Impedance 1MΩ±3%~16pF
Horizontal Time base Range 1ns/div ~ 100s/div (1-2-5 increments)
ROLL: 100ms/div ~ 100s/div
Pre-trigger 10 div maximum
Post-trigger 2,000,000 div maximum
Timebase Accuracy ±50 ppm over any ≥ 1 ms time interval
Real Time Sample Rate 1GSa/s max.
Record Length Max. 10Mpts
Acquisition Mode Normal, Average, Peak Detect, Single
Peak Detection 2nS (typical)
Average selectable from 2 to 256
X-Y Mode X-Axis Input Channel 1; Channel 3*
*four channel models only
Y-Axis Input Channel 2; Channel 4*
*four channel models only
Phase Shift ±3° at 100kHz
Cursors and Measurement Cursors Amplitude, Time, Gating available; Unit:
Seconds(s), Hz(1/s), Phase(degree), Ration(%)
Automatic Measurement 36 sets: Pk-Pk, Max, Min, Amplitude, High, Low,
Mean, Cycle Mean, RMS, Cycle RMS, Area, Cycle
Area, ROVShoot, FOVShoot, RPREShoot,
FPREShoot, Frequency, Period, RiseTime, FallTime,
+Width, -Width, Duty Cycle, +Pulses, -Pulses,
+Edges, -Edges, FRR, FRF, FFR, FFF, LRR, LRF,
LFR, LFF, Phase
Cursors measurement Voltage difference between cursors ( ΔV) Time
difference between cursors ( ΔT)
Auto counter 6 digits, range from 2Hz minimum to the rated
Control Panel Function Autoset Single-button, automatic setup of all channels for
vertical, horizontal and trigger systems, with undo
Save Setup 20set
Save Waveform 24set
Display TFT LCD Type 7" TFT WVGA color display
Display Resolution 800 horizontal × 480 vertical pixels (WVGA)
Interpolation Sin(x)/x
Waveform Display Dots, vectors, variable persistence (16ms~4s),
infinite persistence
Waveform Update Rate 50,000 waveforms per second, maximum
Display Graticule 8 x 10 divisions
Display Mode YT, XY
Interface USB Port USB 2.0 High-speed host port X1, USB High-speed
2.0 device port X1
Ethernet Port(LAN) RJ-45 connector, 10/100Mbps with HP
Auto-MDIX (Only for the GDS-1054B, GDS-1074B, GDS-1104B.)
Go-NoGo BNC 5V Max/10mA TTL open collector output
Kensington Style Lock Rear-panel security slot connects to standard
Kensington-style lock
Miscellaneous Multi-language menu Available
Operation Environment Temperature: 0°C to 50°C. Relative Humidity
≤80% at 40°C or below; ≤ 45% at 41°C ~ 50°C
On-line help Available
Dimensions 380mmX208mmX127.3mm
Weight 2.8kg

Instek GDS-1054B Product Specifications Summary:
(for full specs please see the full specs tab or the data sheet)

Oscilloscopes/Digital Oscilloscopes Template

Bandwidth What's This?50 Mhz
Sampling Rate What's This?1 GS/S
Memory What's This?10 MB (10240 kB) 
Rise Time What's This?5 ns
Screen Type (Oscilloscopes)TFT/LCD
Screen Size7 IN
Bits What's This?8
Battery OptionsNo

Test Equipment General Attributes

Unique FeaturesThe GDS-1000B family features the innovative Xilinx Zynq SoC with ARM dual-Cortex A9 processor which Results in:
• Waveform Update Rate of 120,000 waveforms/sec
• Fast response – this is due to superior CPU performance.
•Fast storage speed – this is due to superior CPU performance and faster interface speed.
Processes up to 1 M points for measurements, math, waveform average.
Processes an FFT length of 1 M points and 200 wf/s on a short record length. This allows users to view and analyze small parts of a full spectrum.
Gated measurements combined with 10 M sample memory allows users to capture long signals with high resolution, and with user definable measurement range.
Warranty3 YEARS
Calibration IncludedFactory Calibration
Power Supply Voltage120V/220V Universal
Data Logging What's This?Yes
Interfaces I/O LAN / Ethernet, USB Host, Analog Input , USB
StorageInternal Memory, USB Flash Drive
Product Weight6.2 LBS
Product Height8.2 IN
Product Length5 IN
Product Width15 IN
Shipping Weight12 LBS
Country of OriginTaiwan



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Instek GDS-1054B Customer Reviews

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4 customer reviews
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Product: Instek GDS-1054B
Location: San Francisco CA USA
Recommended: Yes

Nice scope for the price

It's a really good scope but it would be even better if it included digital encoding for I2C, SPI, RS-232, etc. in this lower freq model. If you don't need those features, it's great for basic use.
0 out of 0 found this review helpful. Did this help? Yes No
Product: Instek GDS-1054B
Location: Saginaw MI United States
Recommended: No

Great Scope for the Money

Works as advertised. It's great having a modern DSO! TEEquipment was easy to work with and fast to ship.
1 out of 1 found this review helpful. Did this help? Yes No
Product: Instek GDS-1054B
Robert Noyce
Location: Philadelphia PA United States
Recommended: Yes

Pro grade at a hobby price

The 1054B does what the data sheet says it will do, its been essentially bug free, both OOB and with the latest firmware installed; its reliable, dependable, a solid measurement device as much I can trust it as a working tool like a Fluke multimeter. It suffers mostly in keying ergonomics and lack of functions against Rigol 1054Z: Z has selects on the same button whereas the 1054B requires a keypress of 2 buttons; 1054B lacks serial decoding, but not as bug ridden as the Z, were I can't tell if the DUT is faulty or the Z is. 54B lacks band stop and band pass filters as found on Rigol, but I never use it. Instek has not detailed what changes are in the latest 1.14 firmware, but I found out it now has a trigger out through the probe compensation port and much high wfms/s, I'm reading about 125,000 wfms/s. We noticed it has no NRTL cert, but its mainly used in CAT 1 or CAT O, so its not a practical safety issue. The design is more tall than wide, saving precious inches of bench space. The -3db is at 50 MHz but the roll off is not steep, and it works easily over 150 MHz. The FFT has enough resolution to be truly practical, among or the best in this class DSO. Most all measurements can be done in stop mode, so the scope can be optimized for fast acquisition, and filtering and analysis done as post processing. If you want a reliable DSO and don't need serial decoding this is it. If you need serial decoding, consider the higher model line DSO in Instek's lineup. Instek advertises its product reliability, and they continue to live up to that ethic.
51 out of 52 found this review helpful. Did this help? Yes No
Product: Instek GDS-1054B
Dale Thurman
Location: DeKalb IL US
Recommended: Yes
TEquipment.NET Verified Purchase

I'm in Love with this oscilloscope!

I understand that this is scope is intended hobby/home us. In that realm, it more than exceeds my expectations. Here are some of my favorite features:

1. The beautiful and wide display updated fast and is very responsive.
2. There are individual controls for each of the 4 channels.
3. I have big hands and I appreciate that the controls are spaced very well without being too far apart.
4. The "workflow" with this device flows very well. I was up to speed with the controls with about an hour of time.
5. Network connectivity is pretty good. The device maps my shared location to a Z: drive on the scope. I can save data and images to the location with ease.
5. 10M memory on each channel!
6. I can go on and on about the features that I love, but read the specs and the manual. The manual is actually detailed and great!

This genre of oscilloscopes is getting crowded and I have tried a few of the usual suspects from Rigol, Hantek, Tektronics, etc. I did not use this model before I ordered it and I am totally happy with my choice. But here are a few things than can be improved.

1. I had on hiccup in the firmware that was shipped with the device. It caused the scope to lock up. However, after updating the firmware, not a single problem!!
2. The fan is a little loud.
3. The lettering for the buttons located on the left side of the screen bezel are really difficult to read.
4. LabView software is nothing to write home about, but it's a nice that it is available.

Even with the cons, this oscilloscope is a VALUE and a worthy contender in this genre of scopes.

Finally, this was my first order from TEquipment.net and everything from ordering to rocket fast shipping was fantastic!!! I will be buying from here again!!!
82 out of 83 found this review helpful. Did this help? Yes No
No reviews found to display for this rating.

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