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GTI Predictive is a small company offering a unique and revolutionary product for vibration testing. With the use of a standard iPad or iPad Mini even a 5th grader can easily take measurements and balance a motor in under 3 minutes. Cut costs and save time with GTI Predictive Technology.
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Vibration Meters use a piezo accelerometer for preventative maintenance applications such as misaligned shafts, gearbox / bearing issues, and other rotating equipment problems

Shaft Alignment

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Shaft Alignment Instruments are used to properly align two shafts within a tolerance such that later mechanical problems are avoided


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Extend the capabilities of your instrument or get genuine Accessories that fit your test equipment

GTI Predictive is a subsidiary of GTI Spindle Technology which specializes in predictive maintenance technology. GTI Predictive brings revolutionary predictive maintenance technology to the market through the use of iPads as vibration meters and tools for rotor balancing and machine certification. Essentially, GTI Predictive has developed accessory kits for iPads and iPad Minis that easily connect/disconnect from the device and contain a rugged accelerometer with a magnetic base. These accessory kits also feature multiple pieces of software for taking measurements and analyzing data, such as VibePro, iVibraMeter, and BalancePro software. Along with the accelerometer and software, each accessory kit also includes an iPad or iPad Mini. These devices are ready to use with the GTI Predictive accessory kits or on their own as regular iPads. GTI Predictive is the only company to use this technology and it is unconditionally guaranteed for life. You have nothing to lose by switching your predictive maintenance program to GTI instruments and only time and cost savings to gain.
Watch this video for a complete overview of the GTI Predictive iPad predictive maintenance tool.


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