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Fluke 80T-150UA Universal Temperature Probe

Fluke 80T-150UA
Catalog #: 3190456
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  • Compatible with Fluke DMM
  • High accuracy, fast reading for low voltage (below 24 V AC, 60 V DC) applications
  • Measurement range: -50 to 150°C
  • Output: 1 mV/°C or 1 mV/°F (switchable)
  • One year warranty
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Fluke 80T-150UA

Fluke 80T-150UA Probe Universal Temperature

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Product Information

Fast, High Accuracy Temperature Measurement Compatible with all Fluke DMMs and most popular DMMs


Weight 150 g (5.3 oz)
Overall Length 53.8 inch (1.36 m)
Battery Standard 9 V battery (NEDA #1604,6F22,006P)
Battery Life 600+ hours, typical (Alkaline Battery), 6.5 V minimum
Output Termination Standard 0.75-inch spaced double banana plug
Probe Material Glass-filled valox
Probe Size 0.6 inch maximum diameter
Tip Material Nickle Plated Copper
Tip Size 0.31 cm (0.12 inch diameter)
Measurement Range -50 to +150 °C
-58 to +302 °F
Sensitivity (80T-150UA output) 1 mV dc / °C or °F
Voltage Standoff 60 V dc or 30 V ac rms (42.4 V peak)
Settling Time 9.5 seconds to settle within 2 ° for a 50 ° change
RF Field The 80T-150UA product is unspecified in environments with EMC fields greater than 100 mV/meter. ESD performance is specified as Criteria C per EN61326.
Ambient Operating Range for Temperature Module 0 to +50 °C (+32 to +122 °F)
Maximum Temperature Probe Body and Cable +70 °C (+160 °F) See Probe Limitations
Maximum Temperature Probe Body and Cable +70 °C (+160 °F) See Probe Limitations
Minimum Temperature Probe Body and Cable
Minimum Operating Temperature for Cable -12 °C (+10 °F)
Minimum Operating Temperature for Probe Body -40 °C (-40 °F) See Probe Limitations
Storage Temperature for Unit -40 to +70 °C (-40 to +160 °F)
Humidity 0 % to 90 % (0 °C to +35 °C)
0 % to 70 % (+35 °C to +50 °C) (noncondensing)
Altitude Operating: =3048 m ( =10,000 ft)
Storage ≤15240 m (=50,000 ft)
Application Force 15 pounds maximum (probe tip to measured surface)
Accuracy (Applies for one year after purchase or calibration)
+15 to +35 °C ±1 °C from 0 to +100 °C, decreasing linearly to ±3 °C at -50 and +150 °C
0 to +15 °C and +35 to +50 °C ±2 °C from 0 to +100 °C, decreasing linearly to ±4 °C at -50 and +150 °C
+59 to +95 °F ±1.8 °F from +32 to +212 °F, decreasing linearly to ±5.4 °F at -58 and +302 °F
+32 to +59 °F and +95 to +122 °F ±3.6 °F from +32 to +212 °F, decreasing linearly to ±7.2 °F at -58 and +302 °F

Fluke 80T-150UA Product Specifications Summary:
(for full specs please see the full specs tab or the data sheet)

Test Equipment General Attributes

Country of OriginTaiwan



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Product: Fluke 80T-150UA
Location: hadley mass united states
Recommended: Yes


excellent product. company is excellent to deal with.
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Product: Fluke 80T-150UA
Location: Ocala Florida United States
Recommended: Yes

Fluke Temp Probe

This is an excellent Product, However it like everything else Can be Broken. I have 5 of these units, 3 that have been abused by "Employees with no Skin in the game" Opps and oh no are words I do not like to hear. My last purchase, I ordered 2. All who use it {1} understand, You Break it, You Buy It.The Second is in reserve.I have to have accuracy, this is the reason for Fluke. I gave one to my Son in the hvac commercial business 5 years ago, he relies on "IT" also.
0 out of 0 found this review helpful. Did this help? Yes No
No reviews found to display for this rating.

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