Fluke Ti480 PRO 60HZ Thermal Imager

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Fluke TI480 PRO 60 Hz, 640 x 480, .93 mRad High-Performance Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera with Fluke Connect, 14 Degree F to 1832 Degree F

  • Fluke Ti480 PRO 60HZ Thermal Imager
  • Reduce the need to take notes in the field with two helpful features; IR-PhotoNotes and voice annotations
  • Highlight areas that are outside your pre-set ‘normal’ temperature ranges quickly with color alarms
  • Increased sensitivity to visualize temperature differences, NETD for the Ti450 PRO is ≤ 0.025 °C at 30 °C target temp (25 mK)
  • Easier to visualize and diagnose issues with sharper on-screen images, multiple rectangle markers and 9 color palettes
  • More intuitive visual interface, improved, user-tested, touch screen interface
  • Save time-wirelessly sync images directly from your camera to the Fluke Connect® system, and attach to an asset record or work order. Make faster decisions by accessing inspection measurements from anywhere. Team members can instantly see the same data, at the inspection site and the office
  • More flexibility to visualize targets-tiny to large with interchangeable smart lenses—no calibration required, 2x and 4x telephoto, wide angle and macro lenses are compatible with Ti480 PRO and Ti450 PRO
  • Capture a clear, accurate image focused throughout the field of view with MultiSharp Focus
  • Get an instant in-focus image of your designated target. LaserSharp® Auto Focus uses a built-in laser distance meter that calculates and displays the distance from your designated target
  • Get 4x the pixel data with SuperResolution, which captures multiple images and combines them to create a 1280 x 960 image (Ti480 PRO) or a 640 x 480 image (Ti450 PRO)
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Detector Size640 x 480 Sensor320 x 240 Sensor640 x 480 Sensor
Thermal Sensitivity50 mK (NETD)50 mK (NETD)75 mK (NETD)
Temperature Range Max1832 F2192 F1202 F

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