Fluke T+Pro Electrical Tester

Good voltage tester for electricians


This is a pretty good stand-in for the old "solenoid voltage tester" (a.k.a. "wiggy") for electricians, if you need something a bit more modern. Personally I keep a wiggy as well as they're both quite good tools, if functionally equivalent. Either this or a wiggy is /the/ tool that you should be using to test if something is safe, not a non-contact ("hot stick") tester. A non-contact tester is fine timesaver for seeing if you've managed to get the power on, but a safety check should be done by measuring the voltage between two terminals. The T Pro is of course the tool for that, and is simple and cheap enough to tote around in a pocket without worrying about it getting beat up like an expensive meter. It also has a lower impedance to reduce the effects of "ghost" voltages (capacitively coupled voltages).

Michael H. on Apr 29, 2019 I found this helpful (1)

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