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Fluke B3P-TI/R-105 Warranty and Calibration

Fluke B3P-TI/R-105
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Free Gift From Fluke With Purchase


  • Opportunity to choose between one, two or three years extended warranty coverage beyond your original factory warranty
  • Comprehensive Fluke repair coverage
  • Option to renew your policy annually for up to two years (with uninterrupted coverage)
  • Performance check with any needed repair during your extended warranty period

Key Benefits:

  • Free performance check on needed repair
  • Free repairs for the extended warranty period
  • First-on-Bench priority handling - we'll prioritize your order and your thermal imager will be processed immediately
  • No freight cost – Pre-paid freight upon instrument return
  • Free firmware and hardware upgrade when available (product change notices, PCN)
  • Notification service of calibration due date, pending plan expiration date and update notices
  • 20 % discount on any requested performance check or NIST traceable calibration during your factory warranty period and CarePlan term
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Fluke B3P-TI/R-105

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Product Information

Maintenance and Extended Warranty Plans for Your Fluke Infrared Camera

Repairs are always unexpected and they can be costly. Keep your camera in top operating condition and control your cost of ownership with a Fluke Bronze CarePlan.

Fluke CarePlans provide you the highest level of service at the best price available. They are easy to purchase and register. All Fluke CarePlans help you minimize your downtime and protect your investment in your Fluke infrared camera as coverage starts from the moment you register.

Ensure your peace of mind by protecting your investment beyond your factory warranty by purchasing a 3 Year Fluke CarePlan. You can also extend your warranty for up to two additional years.

Fluke CarePlans - Everything You Need to Make Your Life Easier and Worry-Free

Bronze CarePlan

An extended warranty plan for your Fluke thermal imager, which minimizes your downtime and protects your investment in your Fluke Thermal Imager. Purchase this plan if you want free repairs, but not necessarily an annual performance check or calibration.

Qualifying for Your CarePlan Purchase

You may purchase your CarePlan at the time you order your new instrument or anytime within six months of original purchase date with proof of purchase from an authorized dealer (or from date of manufacture without proof of purchase).

How to Purchase

Pre-Purchase Registration is Required

Careplan pre-purchase registration is required prior to processing your order. To pre- register simply go to CarePlans to download a CarePlan product registration form. You can also obtain a CarePlan registration form by contacting Fluke in your area. Complete this form and include it with your purchase order.

When Does My Coverage Start?

As soon as you receive your CarePlan documents and complete your on-line registration you begin enjoying your CarePlan benefits of First-on-bench priority handling, comprehensive repair coverage, Loaner services, annual performance checks or calibrations. The extended warranty portion of your plan goes into effect at the end of your new factory warranty period. During this extended warranty period you can exercise your calibration or performance check supplied under your CarePlan.


CarePlan service, repair and calibration are not available in all countries. Confirm availability with your local authorized Fluke representative. You must complete your CarePlan product registration within 30 days of receiving your CarePlan package. Failure to complete your plan registration may significantly delay our ability to service your request. Delays of this nature are not considered in calculating our turn around time promise date originally quoted prior to receipt of your order. A Return Material Authorization (RMA) number is required for any service return under these plans. Go to Service RMA to obtain an RMA for your service order or contact your local Fluke service center. First-on-Bench priority handling covered under these CarePlans represents our best efforts ensure your order receives the next available service resource. Your order is moved ahead of non-CarePlan orders upon arrival and throughout the service process. This service is applied to your instrument from the time you register your CarePlan on our website throughout your factory warranty period and CarePlan term. Extended warranty covers normal instrument repair issues. Instruments showing signs of failure due to physical abuse, improper operation or application as determined by our labs are not covered under these CarePlans and standard repair and calibration charges will apply. Gold CarePlan holders receive a 15 % discount from these out-of-plan service charges. PCN (product change notice) updates concern operations and specifications important to maintaining proper product operation. Only significant (level 1 and level 2) updates are installed under these plans.

Calibrations and performance checks included in Gold and Silver plans are provided in the years of extended warranty coverage only.

Discounted calibrations and performance checks are available to plan holders during the factory warranty period.

Calibrations and performance checks are not performed and PCNs are not installed under the terms of these CarePlans on instruments that do not require repair or are evaluated as "no-fault found on our technician's final analysis. Under these "no-fault found conditions CarePlan holders may purchase a calibration or performance check at a 20 % discount from current list while the camera is in our lab.

Calibration certificates supplied under the Gold CarePlan are NIST traceable with data.

Performance checks validate your camera is operating within published specification. While NIST traceable equipment is used during the validation procedure these checks are not considered calibrations and no certificate is issued for this service.

Notifications of pending calibration, plan expiration and PCN updates are dependent on the information you list when registering on our website.

Renewal plans do not receive a new CarePlan plan number. Your coverage is continued under your original Careplan number. You may change to any plan type at the time of your annual renewal date. Third year coverage is only available by purchasing a Gold CarePlan for that year of coverage regardless of previous plan type coverage. You must have had continuous coverage on the same camera serial number to purchase a renewal plan. There is a 30 day grace period beyond your CarePlan expiration date for renewal purchase.

Camera serial numbers not registered in the CarePlan data base will not be serviced until eligibility is determined by our labs. Related delays are not considered part of promised turn around time.

Loaner return agreements must be signed by a proprietor or authorized agent of your company prior to dispatching a loaner unit under a Gold CarePlan. Loaner cameras are dispatched to Gold CarePlan owners during the factory warranty period and extended Gold CarePlan term when a promised turnaround time will be missed by more than 2 days or after 10 days in our service facility whichever occurs first. Loaner cameras are not available in all countries due to extensive export regulations. If you are a Gold CarePlan holder in a non-loaner country we will assign a special expediter to your order for best possible turnaround time.

Turnaround time (TAT) is considered to be from date of receipt at the servicing Fluke lab until the date of return shipment. Freight carrier transit time is not counted as an element of TAT.

Fluke will return your instrument to you freight pre-paid using standard ground carriers. Special carriers, or other non-standard and priority transport are not covered under these plans. Requests for return priority shipping or other transport arrangements may be specified at the time you place your service order and obtain your RMA number. Additional billing authorization or purchase order for these arrangements may be required. Freight costs for inbound shipment to Fluke for service is the responsibly of the CarePlan holder.

CarePlan ownership may be transferred to a new owner for the same serial number unit covered under the assigned CarePlan number.




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