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FLIR E75 IR Camera w/MSX 320 x 240 Resolution/30Hz includes 24° Lens

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FLIR E75 IR Camera w/MSX 320 x 240 Resolution/30Hz includes 24° Lens
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  • 320 x 240 IR Resolution (76,800 pixels)
  • 640 x 480 Screen Resolution
  • Temperature Range up to 650°C
  • Exceptional Noise Performance with Clearer Temperature Differences
  • IR Camera and Visual Camera Closely Aligned for Optimal MSX Technology Performance
  • Bright Touch Sensitive Display - 30% Larger and 25% Brighter Than Previous Generation Cameras
  • Intuitive Folder Structure for Simple Image Access and Organization
  • Auto-Calibrating Lenses 
  • Read All Notes on an Image by Sliding Up or Down
  • Dragontrail™ Cover Glass on Screen for Increased Screen Durability
  • Powertool Style Battery
  • Compass and Integrated GPS Data on Images
  • Laser for Distance Measurement and Precision Focus
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • Almost 0 Lag When Wirelessly Transmitting Image
  • 1 - Spot Meter
  • IP54 Rating
  • On-board Worklight, Microphone and Speaker
  • Compact Interchangeable Lenses
  • Interchangeable Lenses Auto-Calibrate with Camera
  • Quick Start Up - Up to 50% Faster Than Other Comparable Cameras
  • Programmable Buttons
  • Includes 8 GB SD Card
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FLIR E75 IR Camera w/MSX 320 x 240 Resolution/30Hz includes 24° Lens
320 x 240 Sensor 30 mK (NETD) 1200 F
FLIR E85 IR Camera w/MSX 384 x 288 Resolution/30Hz includes 24° Lens
384 x 288 Sensor 30 mK (NETD) 2192 F
E75 w/42 LENS
E75 w/42 LENS
FLIR E75 IR Camera w/MSX 320 x 240 Resolution/30Hz includes 42° Lens
320 x 240 Sensor 30 mK (NETD) 1200 F
E85 w/42 LENS
E85 w/42 LENS
FLIR E85 IR Camera w/MSX 384 x 288 Resolution/30Hz includes 42° Lens
384 x 288 Sensor 30 mK (NETD) 2192 F
FLIR E95 IR Camera w/MSX 464 x 348 Resolution/30Hz includes 24° Lens
464 x 348 sensor 30 mK (NETD) 2732 F
E95 w/42 LENS
E95 w/42 LENS
FLIR E95 IR Camera w/MSX 464 x 348 Resolution/30Hz includes 42° Lens
464 x 348 sensor 30 mK (NETD) 2732 F
FLIR E53 Advanced Thermal Camera 240x180 with MSX 24 deg Lens
240 x 180 Sensor 40 mK (NETD) 1200 F
FLIR E75 Advanced Thermal Camera

FLIR E75 IR Camera w/MSX 320 x 240 Resolution/30Hz includes 24° Lens

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Product Information


Advanced Thermal Imager

Thermal Imaging Reimagined

The FLIR E75 is the entry level edition of the all new Exx-Series thermal cameras. The E75 has been completely reshaped from previous generations. Bringing to the table top level performance and display technology. It is a perfect fit for a wide variety of applications including locating signs of water damage, leaks, electrical issues, mechanical system failures and more.

  • 76,800 points of measurement
  • UltraMaxTM processing for 4x pixel resolution
  • The latest in FLIR’s MSX® enhancement
  • Powerful & Bright 4” Display
  • Simplified User Interface
  • Image Transmission over WiFi

Top Advancements of the FLIR E75

  • Modular design with interchangeable lenses that no longer require manual calibration if swapped.
  • The best screen currently offered on any FLIR thermal imager.
  • Laser Distance Measurement for more accurate readings.

Modular Design

The E75 comes standard with a 24° lens that is great for capturing most standard thermal images. However, users often find themselves needing a different lens for some unique applications. To accommodate this need, FLIR has designed the Exx-Series to be completely modular. Users can interchange the standard 24° lens with a 42° or 14° lens respectively. Completely eliminating the need for multiple cameras for different applications. The E75 is sold in several different package configurations that include select lenses. Please see series guide above.

Revolutionary Display Technology

Perhaps one of the best features of the E75 is its 4” display rated at 25% brighter than previous generation thermal cameras. Users can now easily navigate a simple menu, quickly pin point problem spots, ensure shots are always focused and more. The screen is completely touch sensitive responding quickly to all user inputs. All menu options are laid out in a rational order making navigation quick and ensuring your thermal images are always on target.

Rapid Focus & Measurement

The FLIR E75 is designed to make thermal imaging easy and effective. FLIR has added a revolutionary laser-assisted autofocus system to the Exx-Series. The laser-assisted autofocus responds to user input rapidly and ensures all temperature measurements are taken with superior accuracy. Easily measure small targets at a variety of distances with the E75’s superior spot-size performance.

User Friendly Design

The FLIR E75 is durable enough to be used in a wide variety of applications. Designed to be used with only one hand, it can be used in nearly any hard to reach area. The E75 outputs standard radiometric JPEGs allowing field images to be observed on any device without the need for registered software. All images can also be viewed or edited using FLIR’s award winning FLIR Tools software or integrated directly into a CMMS if needed.

FLIR MSX Technology

Thermal Images show vital information that our naked eye will miss. However, raw thermal images are not very keen on providing physical detail. This is where FLIR's revolutionary MSX technology comes in. Blending the physical with the thermal.



Extracted Detail


FLIR E75 Warranty

The FLIR E75 is covered under an industry-leading 10-5-2 warranty, which gives you an extended 10-year warranty on the IR detector, 5 years on field-replaceable batteries, and 2 years on parts and labor. FLIR is the only company in the industry to offer such an impressive warranty. The company can confidently stand behind its thermal cameras because it manufactures its own thermal detectors.

FLIR E75 warranty

What's In The Box

  • Infrared camera with lens
  • 2 Batteries
  • Battery charger with power supply
  • Front lens and light protection
  • Hand & wrist straps
  • Lanyards
  • Lens caps (front and rear)
  • Lens cleaning cloth
  • 15 W3 A power supply
  • Printed documentation
  • 8 GB SD card
  • Torx screwdriver
  • Cables (USB 2.0 A to USB Type-C, USB Type-C to HDMI, USB Type-C to USB Type-C)


FLIR E75 Product Specifications Summary:
(for full specs please see the full specs tab or the data sheet)

Thermal Imagers/Building and Industrial Thermal Imagers Template

Detector Size What's This?320 x 240 Sensor
Thermal Sensitivity What's This?30 mK (NETD) 
Temperature Range Max1200 F
Temperature Range Min-4 F
Image Frequency What's This?30 Hz
Field of View What's This?24x18 Degrees
Screen Size4 IN
IR/Overlay Fusion Image What's This?Yes
Video OutputYes
Focus What's This?Auto Focus 
Laser Spot What's This?Yes
Picture in Picture What's This?Yes
Video RecordingYes
Moveable Spots What's This?Yes
Touch Screen DisplayYes
Minimum Focus Distance6 IN (0.152 M)
Accuracy±2°C (±3.6°F) or ±2% of reading for ambient temperature 15°C to 35°C (59°F to 95°F) and object temperature above 0°C (32°F)
Battery operating time Continuous2.5 HR
IR Digital Zoom What's This?Yes
Voice Annotation What's This?Yes

Test Equipment General Attributes

Warranty2 YEARS
Warranty Details2 years: Full protection, parts, labor
5 years: Battery
10 years: Detector
StorageSD Card
IP Rating What's This?IP54
Product Weight2.2 LBS
Battery TypeLi-ion
Product Height11 IN
Product Length4.6 IN
Product Width4.4 IN
ECCN Number6A993
HTS/Schedule B Number9027.50.4020
Country of OriginEstonia


Q & A

Q: Can the FLIR E75 easily change lenses?
A: Yes, you the lenses for the new FLIR Exx models are autocalibrating. This means you no longer have to send your camera back to the factory to calibrate before adding a new lens.

Q: What lens sizes are available?
A: The FLIR E75 can take either a 14° telephoto lens, a standard 24° lens or a 42° wide-angle lens. There are kits available with different lens combinations or you can add them later, as your situation warrants.

Q: Does the FLIR E75 have a fixed focus lens?
A: No, the FLIR E75 has three different focusing capabilities. You can manually focus or using the integrated laser distance meter, do a one-shot focus or put it in autofocusing mode.

Q: Why does the FLIR E75 have an LED torch (lamp)?
A: To take full advantage of the FLIR MSX technology, you need both a thermal image and a visual one. Often, thermal images are taken in dark places (attics, basements, electrical panels) so there is no visual information for the camera to see. Having a built-in LED illuminates the scene and allows the MSX technology to greatly enhance your thermal images.

Q: How big is the screen on a FLIR E75?
A: The FLIR E75 has a pixel-less 4in screen. It also has a 160° viewing angle, meaning you can see the image from just about any direction. It is also covered in nearly indestructible Dragontrail™ Glass.

Q: Can you view your images over WiFI with an FLIR E75?
A: Yes, you can. The FLIR E75 can communicate with any Android or iOS-based device running the FLIR Tools App. The images are lag-free from your camera to your device. You can also control your E75 remotely from your smartphone.

Q: What is the maximum temperature on the FLIR E75?
A: The FLIR E75 had two temperature scales. You can set it to -4°F to 248°F or 32°F to 1200°F. There is an option to add a third scale of 572°F to 1830°F. This makes it perfect for building work, roofs, pests and heavy industrial applications.

Q: Can you connect other instruments with my FLIR E75?
A: FLIR offers MeterLink on select instruments. Once connected, any measurements you are making with those instruments will be captured with your thermal image. It’s one thing to know if there is a heat issue, it’s another to know what’s going on with your system when it does.

Q: What is the warranty on the FLIR E75?
A: The E75 has FLIR’s industry-leading coverage of 2 years of full protection, including parts and labor, 5 years on the battery and 10 years on the detector. 


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Product: FLIR E75
Eric Pipkin
Location: Sparta WI USA
Recommended: Yes

Great Tool from a great Company!

We recently had our Fluke IR Camera die on us. In our search to replace it, I came across tequipment.net. I called TE with questions about the E75 and found that first, they answered the phone immediately. A big plus in today's world. Second, they were very knowledgeable about the product and answered every question. I found the exact same results with a follow up phone call prior to purchase. Dropping $7K over the web is not something that I take lightly, but TE made me feel very comfortable. The tool itself has performed perfectly and is loaded with some really great features. I do wish that this tool would allow for text overlay directly onto images. Overall, a great tool. I would highly recommend Flir products and I would very highly recommend tequipment.net.
1 out of 1 found this review helpful. Did this help? Yes No
Product: FLIR E75
Location: Oakland NJ United States
Recommended: Yes

Equipment Failure

I used the FLIR E75 3 times within the first 3 weeks after purchase before all the buttons failed. The touch screen worked,but nothing else. The supplier (TE Equipment ) would not swap out the product, because it was reported broken around the 30th day after purchase. FLIR does not document troubleshooting calls, which is even worse. I called FLIR when the device stopped working, but after having problems with the supplier, FLIR had no record of my initial call. I will like to see a more reliable and documented system in place when dealing with such issues.

Tequipment Response: Thank you for your feedback. After 30 days product defects fall into a warranty issue. If you need any help with Flir please let us know and we will help take care of this for you. We have also passed this feedback onto Flir so they can review it as well.
2 out of 3 found this review helpful. Did this help? Yes No
No reviews found to display for this rating.

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