Cal Test CT3987-120 Probe Lead to Shth

Cal Test CT3987-120 Review


I am pleased with the quality of the set. I have a lot of Fluke Test leads and accessories and I would call it comparable to just a notch below Fluke, but nice. No regrets on the purchase from a quality standpoint, but I thought the price was a little high for what you get. The bag it came in was marked "Made in Taiwan". The Cal-Test Red & Black Probe bodies are hard plastic and the Gray part is soft rubber. These Probes and their leads are one assembly. They ARE NOT modular meaning the probes do not separate from the leads. Cal Test makes a set of modular probes and leads of the same style and I made the mistake of thinking these were modular. The accessories included in this kit are all good. The attachments all have soft Red & Black rubber covers on them, but the (2) Hook attachments are hard plastic. The silicon leads are nice and flexible as you would expect.

Dennis on Nov 26, 2018 I found this helpful (0)

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