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Adash America is the North American subsidiary of Adash Ltd., a Czech company specializing in vibration testing equipment. Adash was founded in 1991 as a private company and it remains that way today.

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Adash America is the North American subsidiary of Czech vibration testing leader, Adash Ltd. Since 1991 Adash has been specializing in vibration testing equipment for preventive maintenance. Adash America carries all Adash products including the Vibro M vibration data logger for standard applications, the A4000-VA4 Pro for advanced machinery vibration diagnostics and analyses, online 3700 systems which can monitor up to 64 channels, and the A4404 Signal Analyzer Box which effectively turns most tablets and computers into 4 channel data loggers.

Adash America also supplies all the required software for these instruments including the company's flagship DDS2014 analysis software. This free software allows you to build routes, trend data, and review dynamic FFT spectrums with the option to consult an Adash America certified analyst. As far as warranties, Adash America offers an unconditional lifetime warranty on cables and sensors. Plus, all vibration sensors purchased though Adash America include annual free calibration.