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Yellow Jacket

Setting the standard for HVAC products
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HVAC Manifolds

HVAC Manifolds (212)

HVAC Manifolds are needed to monitor and charge refrigeration systems


Hoses (81)

Vacuum and charging hoses

HVAC Vacuum Pumps

HVAC Vacuum Pumps (31)

Vacuum Pumps are used to completely evacuate a refrigeration system prior to charging

Charging Scale

Charging Scale (5)

Charging Scales are used to track the weight of refrigerant charged into a refrigeration system

A/C Superheat Subcool System Analyzers

A/C Superheat Subcool System Analyzers (2)

A/C Superheat Subcool System Analyzers measure temperatures and pressures then calculate Superheat and Subcooling

Refrigerant Identifiers

Refrigerant Identifiers (4)

Refrigerant Identifiers and Analyzers are used to determine refrigerant type in recycling so that the refrigerant is collected in the correct storage cylinder

Heater Blankets (HVAC)

Heater Blankets (HVAC) (2)

Heater Blankets wrapped around refrigerant tanks speed charging by raising temperature and then the pressure

Refrigerant Leak Detectors

Refrigerant Leak Detectors (5)

Refrigerant Leak Detectors are available to pinpoint specific leaks and also to monitor areas or rooms

Refrigerant Recovery Machines

Refrigerant Recovery Machines (5)

Refrigerant Recovery Machines capture used refrigerants without releasing any into the environment. Advanced models include a filter and recycle the refrigerant for re-use.

HVAC Manometers and Micromanometers

HVAC Manometers and Micromanometers (1)

Manometers measure low differential pressures and are used in applications such as adjusting furnace blower fan speed

Anemometer / Air Flow

Anemometer / Air Flow (1)

Anemometers measure air movement. They are often divided into two categories: wind speed and air pressure


Psychrometer (2)

Psychrometers measure relative humidity by using the difference between two different thermometer readings

Refractometers / BRIX

Refractometers / BRIX (1)

Refractometers measure index of refraction. BRIX is a specific application for sugar concentration in a liquid solution.


Thermometers (5)

Thermometers are temperature measuring instruments. Two main categories are contact type and infrared

Hot Air Guns

Hot Air Guns (2)

Hot Air Guns are used for efficient drying as well as heat-shrinking, thawing frozen pipes, heating liquids, bending materials, and more

HVAC Accessories

HVAC Accessories (17)

Hoses, tools, vacuum pump oil, vacuum pump accessories, oil injectors and pumps, gaskets, and various replacement parts for HVAC applications.

Temperature Probes

Temperature Probes (6)

Temperature Probes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials of construction, ranges, connectors, and technology


Cases (3)

We carry cases of many shapes, sizes, and materials to fit any need.

Discontinued Products

Discontinued Products (57)

Discontinued Products Gone but Never forgotten.

Combustible Gas Detector

Combustible Gas Detector (1)

Combustible and flammable gas detectors sense the presence of one or more gases near the detector.


Tools (2)

Tools are devices, often handheld, used by professionals and hobbyists to make their tasks easier and more efficient

Titan 4 Valve Manifold

Titan 4 Valve Manifold (33)

4 valve manifold with aluminum alloy body.  Includes 3-1/8" gauges, 1% accuracy

Titan 2 Valve Manifold

Titan 2 Valve Manifold (29)

2 valve manifold with aluminum alloy body.  Includes 3-1/8" gauges, 1% accuracy

Brute II 4 Valve Manifold

Brute II 4 Valve Manifold (27)

4 valve manifold with aluminum alloy body

Series 41 Manifold - with 2.5" Gauges

Series 41 Manifold - with 2.5" Gauges (53)

Brass manifold with 2-1/2" gauges.  Class B accuracy

Series 41 Manifold - with 3.125" Gauges

Series 41 Manifold - with 3.125" Gauges (23)

Brass manifold with 3-1/8" gauges.  1% accuracy

Series 41 Deluxe Manifold

Series 41 Deluxe Manifold (5)

Brass manifold with brass gauges.  1% accuracy


ManTooth (7)

Wireless, smart phone controlled products for pressure, temperature and vacuum

Safety Testing  /  Surge Testing

Safety Testing / Surge Testing (1)

Electrical equipment makers use Safety Testers in design, testing, and certification to meet UL, CSA, CE, and other international standards


Clearance (1)

New and Open Box Clearance items


Omni (2)

Digital vacuum gauge

RSA - Refrigeration System Analyzer

RSA - Refrigeration System Analyzer (3)

Monitors two pressures, two live temperatures, subcooling and superheat, and saturation temperatures for 84 refrigerants

More than sixty years ago, Jack Ritchie set a goal for Ritchie Engineering: to become the standard by which all other HVAC hoses are measured. In the last six decades, the YELLOW JACKET brand has not only become the standard in hoses, tools, refrigeration gauges, manifolds, HVAC vacuum pumps and refrigerant recovery machines, it’s become legendary…
How have they done it? Through an unwavering commitment to excellence. It’s the single most important attribute in the longevity of a company. While other companies sold out, sent work overseas or lessened quality, the relentless commitment of our Yellow Jacket has led to 60 years of best-in-class products, first-class customer service and innovations that make the contractors’ jobs easier, worldwide. Join Yellow Jacket for the next 60 years as they commit to changing the standard once again.

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