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Veto Pro Pac

Veto Pro Pac tool bags are designed by a tradesman for tradesmen who are on the job every day. These bags have been engineered to eliminate all the problems with other common tool bags and be durable and dry even in the toughest conditions.
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Veto Pro Pac was started out of frustration with the common tool bag. Founder Roger Brouard became fed up with the many types of tool bags he went through across his 25 years as a carpenter. In Roger’s view, all these bags fell short. Plastic and metal boxes and canvas, soft sided bags always resulted in a frantic dig for tools that ended up at the bottom of the pile. Fabric inserts for 5 gallon buckets were better, but still stored tools awkwardly and often in piles. Storing and transporting these buckets was a pain because tools stored in outer pockets would often fall out.

To fix these problems, Roger began designing the first Veto Pro Pac tool bag in 1998. Today, this prototype has become an extremely durable, ergonomic package. To start, bags were designed with the company’s patented center panel to prevent the collapsing common with canvas bags. This center panel adds strength to the bag and holds the vertical interior storage pockets. These pockets, made of PVC-impregnated 1800 denier, a durable waterproof nylon, are designed for easy access to tools and protection during transport.

All Veto Pro Pac bags also feature a 3mm thick polypropylene base that is not only waterproof, but also second story drop proof. Each bag also has a handle which is ergonomically designed to be comfortable for stiff hands. The handle is hinged through the bag’s fabric for extra durability. These tool bags are not designed for the mass market – they are designed specifically for professionals who will put them through tough work every day. Each bag includes a 5 year warranty for manufacturer's defects.

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