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Magni AVM-510A-C Automated Video and Audio Monitors with Analog Component Measures

Magni AVM-510A-C

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Magni AVM-510A-C
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Automated Video and Audio Signal Monitor; Full function, multi-standard, multi-format, rasterizing waveform monitor and vectorscope with automated monitoring, measurement and reporting capabilities. Waveform capture and storage, Picture Guard, analog audio amplitudes and phase display. Auto-measurement screens include System Video, Color set-up, Freq response and Non-linear. AVM-510A Base Unit plus Component measurement and SDM-550 Interface


  • Simultaneous Composite and S-Video monitor display outputs
  • PictureGuard alarm on selected ?Out of Limit? condition
  • Multiple Component and Composite measurement sets
  • 100 ns/division horizontal resolution with anti-alias CRT simulation display
  • Capture and storage of waveform and vector images for signal comparisons
  • Ten user-defined memories simplify monitoring of specific operational settings
  • Line selector provides bright displays of VITS or individual lines
  • Compact one RU package and low power for cost-effective operation
  • Available in NTSC and PAL format
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Product Information

The Magni AVM-510A is the latest addition to Magni's multi-standard video signal monitor product line. The AVM-510A Automated Video Monitor is a rasterizing waveform monitor and vectorscope with 4-channel audio level metering, and automated measurement screens that provide numerical values for all important video parameters. These values can be used to generate alarms and reports on out of limit signal conditions. The AVM-510A serves as the platform for a wide range of analog and digital monitoring solutions and includes versions tailored to transmitter measurements (AVM-510A-T), and component measurements (AVM-510A-C). The AVM-510A addresses major television formats such as NTSC, PAL, S-Video, and Component (EBU, Beta, M-II, GBR). Its display outputs are provided in standard Composite and S-video, and in TIFF format through the RS-232 port.

The Magni AVM-510A-C adds component measurement sets to the standard AVM-501A Automated Video Monitors. It is a full-featured rasterizing waveform monitors and vectorscopes with comprehensive measurement and error reporting capabilities. Magni?s patented raster display technology provides bright and sharp waveform and vector displays that resemble familiar CRT displays. All displays are routable so they can be viewed anywhere in a facility and on existing picture monitors. The AVM-510A-C monitors is dual standard (NTSC and PAL) and multi-format (Beta, MII, S-Video, EBU and GBR). It also saves space by occupying only a single rack unit (1 RU). The AVM-510A-C is an active monitoring system with reporting, alarming, and numerical readouts on ?Program Video? parameters. Automated Measurement sets provide graphic displays and numeric readouts on program video and standard broadcast Vertical Interval Test Signals (VITS) for simplified QC and testing. In any ?Out of Limit? condition, the system highlights the pertinent parameter in red, activates a ground closure, and generates a report to a personal computer or printer with time code (VITC) or real time/date stamp. The AVM-510A-C is ideally suited for site monitoring and remote control from a personal computer, or any other control system providing an RS-232 interface, over a Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN). Magni?s Windows based LOGBOOK II software provides full front panel control and easy viewing of bit maps of VITS, waveform/vector displays and measurement screens. For those facilities in transition to Serial Digital 601, Magni also offers the SDM-560 Series, an innovative solution that builds on the AVM-510A analog platform. The SDM-560 provides Serial Digital and Composite inputs in a single unit with the features of the AVM-510A-C and new digital processing technologies. The specification s of AVM-510A-C is the same as the AVM-510A standard unit with the addition of: ? Component measurement screen with ? Component signal parameters: ? Sync amplitude (loss of video) ? Peak video amplitude ? H-reference timing

  Measurement Parameters

  • Average Picture Level (APL)
  • Composite Color Bar Meas.
  • Noise
  • Burst Amplitude
  • Differential Gain
  • Peak Luminance
  • Burst Reference Phase
  • Differential Phase
  • Peak Video
  • Chroma/Luma Delay
  • Frequency Response
  • Pulse Bar Ratio
  • Chroma/Luma Gain
  • Horizontal Ref. Timing
  • SCH Phase
  • Closed Caption Presence (NTSC Only)
  • Horizontal Blanking Width
  • Sync Amplitude
  • Color Frame
  • K-2T Factor
  • Zero Carrier Ref. Pulse Presence (AVM-510A-T Only)
  • Component Color Bar Meas. (AVM-510A-C Only)
  • Luminance Linearity (PAL Only)


Video Inputs: Two loop through inputs (input A and B):
Input A configurable for Composite or S-Video.
Input B configurable for 3 wire Component, S-Video or Composite.
Audio Inputs: Four analog balanced inputs (>15 k ohm impedance, 9 pin D- sub)
External Reference Input: Composite loop through (NTSC/PAL)
Memory: 10 recallable blue key memories to store AVM-510A configurations and front panel settings
Images: Up to 6 recallable waveform/vector images can be stored
Measurement Screens  
Component Screen: AVM-510A-C Only
Composite Screens: Screens: System Video, Color Set-Up, Frequency Response, Non-Linear, Transmitter (AVM-510A-T only)
Waveform Monitor  
Vertical Gain Accuracy: +/- 1% with 1.0 V input
Vertical MAG: x 2.5 typical
Frequency Response: +/- 1% to 6 MHz, +/- 2% to 10 MHz (waveform/vector mode)
Low Pass Filter Response: +/- 1% of DC at 50 kHz, less than -40 dB at fsc
Band Pass Filter Response: +/-1% of DC at fsc attenuation of greater than 25 dB at 2xfsc 1.5 MHz bandwidth
Transient Response: Pulse to bar ratio: 0.99:1 to 1.01:1 typical
Pulse preshoot/ringing: less than 1%
Line time tilt: less than 1%
DC Restorer: Slow: Typically 12 dB attenuation At 50/60 Hz
Fast: Greater than 26 dB attenuation At 50/60 Hz
Timing difference between channels: +/- 5 ns
Sweep Timing: Accuracy digitally derived
Time Base: 1H (5ms/div), 2H(10ms/div), 2F
Line Select: Displays line 1 through line 262/312
MAG Mode: 0.1ms/div (1H), 1.0ms/div(2H), 2F (approximately x25)
Display Accuracy: Amplitude error: +/- 2%
Phase error: +/- 1.25%
Chroma Bandwidth: 700 kHz +/- 100 kHz
Variable Phase: 360 Degree
Vector MAG: x 2.5 Typical
Unified Weighting Filter: Less than -70 dBm noise floor
Impedance: Greater than 15 k ohm balanced input
Dynamic Range: 60 dBm with 1 dBm resolution, +8 dBm over reference
Maximum Input Level: +20 dBm
Frequency Response: Flat within +/-2 dBm, 100 Hz?20 kHz
Connector Type: 9-pin S-sub female (male interconnect housing supplied)
Computer Interface: RS-232 control port (9-pin S-sub female)
Control Interface: SDM-550 (AVM 510A-C only)
Modem Interface: (9-pin S-sub female): RS-232 interface to modem for instrument control (9-pin D-sub)
Ground Closure Interface: (9-pin S-sub female): logic level interface memory recalled for instrument control through memory settings
Logbook Remote Interface Software  
Supported: Interconnect RS-232, modem
Baud Rate: 9.6 kB to 115 kB
Control: Interactive with computer screen, mouse and Magni AVM series products
Operating Systems: Windows 98, NT, 2000
Computer System Requirements  
Operating Systems: Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000
Ports: One serial for RS-232C or modem, one parallel for printer
Drives: 3.5? floppy and hard drive with 10 MB free space
Modems: One for each end of phone line for remote monitoring
Dimensions: 483(19 in)W ? 45 mm(1.75 in)H ? 432(17 in)D
Weight: 3.4 kg (7.5 lb)
Power Requirements: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz 50 VA maximum
Operating Conditions: 0 to 50? C, 90% relative humidity


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