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Lascar EL-WIFI-TH WiFi Temperature & Humidity Data Logging Sensor

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WiFi Temperature & Humidity Data Logging Sensor


  • Temperature and humidity data logging sensor
  • WiFi capability and integrated display
  • Wireless connectivity to PC via WiFi
  • Easy sensor set-up using free PC software
  • View and analyse multiple sensors using the PC application, including immediate graphing of historic data
  • Measurement range from -20 to +60°C (-4 to +140°F)
  • 802.11b compliant
  • Capable of logging greater than 500,000 data set entries
  • Sensor memory stores all data even if WiFi is temporarily disconnected
  • IP55
  • Rechargeable internal lithium polymer battery
  • Configurable high and low alarms with indicator
  • Max & Min readings
  • Low battery indicator
  • WiFi connection indicator
  • USB port used for recharging
  • Supplied with wall bracket and micro USB lead
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Product Information

The EL-WiFi-TH sensor measures the temperature and humidity of the environment in which it is situated. Data is transmitted wirelessly via a WiFi network to a PC and viewed using a free software package.During configuration the sensor will search for an existing wireless network whilst physically connected to the PC. It can then be placed anywhere within range of the network. If the sensor temporarily loses connectivity with the network, it will log readings until it is able to communicate again with the PC application (max 60 days at 10 second sample interval). The range of the sensor can be increased by using WiFi extenders.

This EL-WiFi-TH is a low powered battery device. When configured using typical sampling periods (e.g. once every 60 seconds) the sensor will operate for over one year. The battery can then be recharged via a PC or USB +5V wall adapter using the USB lead provided.

The battery is safely charged when the unit is operating between 0 to +40°C (+32 to +104°F). It is protected against charging outside this temperature range. Sensor readings may be inaccurate during battery charging.

The software installed on the PC will allow set-up, data logging and data review. Set-up features will include sensor name, °C/°F, sample rate, and high/low alarms. Once configured, historic data can be viewed via the graphing tool or exported into Excel.

This sensor stands alone by itself on a horizontal surface and comes with a wall bracket that can be screwed onto a wall or flat surface.

The sensor clips into the bracket. All EL-WiFi sensors are thoroughly tested pre-release but the sensor may experience compatibility issues with certain WiFi networks.


When the user cycles through to the Recieved Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) screen the unit automatically transmits a dummy message every 2 seconds to enable an RSSI reading to be displayed. If there is any outstanding data waiting to be transmitted, this data will be sent at the same time but if not it’ll just send the dummy message and the next data package will be sent as per the unit configuration.
When on Max or Min screen, holding the button for 3 seconds will clear the stored values.

The sensor can be restarted by holding the button for 10 seconds until the screen blanks and LOW is shown flashing in the top right hand corner of the display. The sensor will retain all settings but will lose any data that has not been transferred to the PC. The sensor can be reset to factory state by holding the button for 20 seconds but this will delete all settings and stored data.

Note: neither the restart or the reset will delete data already transferred to your PC.


  Minimum Typical Maximum Unit
Battery life   >1*   Year
USB supply voltage 4.5v   5.5v V d.c.
Temperature measurement range 20 (-4)   +60 (+140) °C (°F)
Internal resolution   +/- 0.5   °C
Temperature accuracy (overall error between -10°C and +60°C)   +/- 1.0   °C
Humidity accuracy (overall error between 20%RH and 80%RH)   +/- 3.0   %RH
Logging rate (user configurable) Every 10s 30 seconds Every 12hrs Transmisson rate
Operating temperature range -20 (-4) 30 seconds   °C (°F)
* Typical but will be less if frequent transmissions
Warning - do not exceed operating temperatures


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