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Instek GDM-8246 50000 counts Dual Display Digital Multimeter

Instek GDM-8246
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50000 counts, dual display w/RS-232


  • 50000 Counts Display
  • Multi-function ACV, DCV, ACA, DCA, R, C, Hz, Continuity Beeper, Diode Test, Max/Min, REL, Hold, dBm, Compare
  • Dual Display Indicate ACV and Hz, DCV(ACV) and dBm or DCV and ACV Ripple
  • Manual or Autoranging
  • 0.02% DCV Accuracy
  • ACV Measuring Frequency up to 100kHz
  • 20A Current Range With High Energy Fuse Protection
  • Auto-Recall the Setting Upon Power ON
  • AC True RMS or AC + DC True RMS
  • RS-232 Interface
  • Option : GPIB Interface
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Product Information

50000 Counts Dual Display Digital Multimeter

The GDM-8246 bench-top DMM is equipped with a rich set of features. It offers a 50,000 count meter with large dual 7 segment LED displays. The display is capable of showing two electrical characteristics at once: ACV plus frequency or dBm, DCV plus dBm or ACV ripple. The GDM-8246 carries an extensive list of measurement items - DC Voltage/Current, AC Voltage/Current with true RMS, Resistance, Capacitance, Frequency, Continuity (with beeper), Diode Test, and dBm. Additional measurement functions, such as Max/Min hold, Relative value, and Compare ease setup and diagnosis burdens. The GDM-8246 supports remote control and data-logging using standard IEEE488.2 protocol or proprietary Windows based software via an RS-232C or optional GPIB interface.

What's In The Box

  • User manual x1
  • Programmable manual x 1
  • Power cord x1
  • Test lead GTL-117 x1


DC Voltage
Range 500mV, 5V, 50V, 500V, 1200V 5 ranges
Accuracy +(0.02% rdg + 2 digits)
Input Impedance 10MΩ
Range 500mV, 5V, 50V, 500V, 1000V 5 ranges
Accuracy 500mV ~ 1000V 5 range: 20Hz ~ 45Hz: +(1% rdg + 10 digits)
45Hz ~ 2kHz: +(0.3% rdg + 30 digits)
2kHz ~ 10kHz: +(0.4% rdg + 50 digits)
500mV ~ 500V 4 range: 10kHz ~ 20kHz: +(0.5% rdg + 50 digits)
500mV ~ 50V 3range: 20kHz ~ 50kHz: +(2% rdg + 20 digits)
50kHz ~ 100kHz: +(5% rdg + 50 digits)
Input Impedance 10MΩ
DC Curent
Range 500 μA, 5mA, 50mA, 500mA, 2A, 20A 6 ranges
Accuracy 500 μA ~ 500mA 4 range: (0.05% rdg+3 digits)
2A ~ 20A 2 range: +(0.2% rdg+5 digits)
Range 500 μA, 5mA, 50mA, 500mA, 2A, 20A 6 ranges
Accuracy 500 μA ~ 500mA 4 range: 45Hz ~ 2kHz: +(0.5% rdg + 15 digits)
2kHz ~ 10kHz: +(1% rdg + 15 digits)
10kHz ~ 20kHz: +(2% rdg + 15 digits)
2A ~ 20A 2 range: 45Hz ~ 2kHz: +(0.5% rdg + 15 digits)
Range 500 , 5k , 50k , 500k , 5M , 20M 6 ranges
Accuracy 500 range: +(0.1% rdg + 4 digits)
5k ~ 500k 3 range: (0.1% rdg + 2 digits)
5M range: +(0.2% rdg + 2 digits)
20M range: +(0.3% rdg + 2 digits)
The one range can check the forward voltage of diode. Maximum forward voltage 1.5V open voltage 2.5V
Range 5nF, 50nF, 500nF, 5 μF, 50 μF 5 ranges
Accuracy +(2% rdg + 4 digits)
Input Level (Sine Wave) mV range: 10Hz ~ 50kHz: >120mV
50k ~ 150kHz: >200mV
5V ~ 50V range: 10Hz ~ 200kHz >1.2V
500V range: 20Hz ~ 1kHz >12V
Continuity Beeper < 5
NMRR > 60dB
CMRR > 90dB
Operating Mode Auto Range/Manual
Other Functions Max, Min, dBm, REL, Hold, Compare, Set RECALL
Display Dual Display 0.4", 0.5", 7 segment LED display
Power Source AC 100V/120V/220V/230V 10%, 50/60Hz
Accessories Instruction manual x 1
Power cord x 1
Programming manual x 1
Test lead GTL-117 x 1
Dimensions & Weight 251(W) x 91(H) x 291(D) mm, Approx. 1.86kg

Instek GDM-8246 Product Specifications Summary:
(for full specs please see the full specs tab or the data sheet)

Multimeters Template

Measures AC VYes
Measures DC VYes
Measures AC AYes
Measures DC AYes
True RMS What's This?Yes
Maximum Voltage AC750 V 
Minimum Voltage AC100 mV
Maximum Voltage DC1000 V 
Minimum Voltage DC100 mV
Maximum Current AC What's This?10 A 
Minimum Current AC10 mA
Maximum Current DC10 A 
Minimum Current DC10 mA
Basic Accuracy V DC(0.012% rdg + 5 digits)
# Digit Display What's This?6
Counts What's This?120000 .
Manual/Autoranging What's This?Auto-ranging
Dual DisplayYes
Continuity What's This?Yes 
Peak HoldYes
Intrinsically Safe What's This?No
Data Hold What's This?Yes

Test Equipment General Attributes

Power Supply Voltage120V/220V Universal
Data Logging What's This?Yes
Product Weight2.6 KILOS (5.73 LBS)
Product Height107 IN
Product Length350 IN
Product Width265 IN


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