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Hioki 3198-01/2000DC 400Hz, Power Quality Analyzer (Custom 2000A AC/DC Kit)

Hioki 3198-01/2000DC
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Power Quality Analyzer (Custom 2000A AC/DC Kit) With CT9693-90 AC/DC Clamp On Sensors


  • Includes 4 Hioki CT9693-90 AC/DC Clamp On Sensors With Power Supply
  • Works on 50Hz/60Hz/400Hz systems
  • Custom 2000A AC/DC Kit
  • Verify power problems in accordance with the IEC61000-4-30 Class A standard
  • High Accuracy and continuous gapless recording (V:±0.1% of nominal voltage, A and W:±0.2% rdg. ±0.1% f.s.)
  • CAT IV 600V - safe enough for incoming power lines
  • Broadband voltage range lets you measure even high-order harmonic components of up to 80 kHz
  • Wide dynamic range from low voltages up to 1300V (3P4W line-to-line voltage)
  • Maximum 6000V transient overvoltage up to 700kHz
  • LAN, USB and SD card interfaces
  • Optional GPS BOX for synchronizing multiple devices
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Hioki 3198

Hioki 3198-01/2000DC 400Hz, Power Quality Analyzer

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Product Information

Power Quality Analyzer (Custom 2000A AC/DC Kit)

The New World Standard for Power Quality Analysis, with recording & analyzing

The PW3198 can measure all waveforms of power, harmonic, and error events simultaneously. When a problem occurs with the equipment or system on your site, the PW3198 will help you detect the cause of the problem early and solve it quickly. You can depend on the PW3198 to monitor all aspects of your power supplies.

The PW3198 can simultaneously record 8,000 or more parameters, such as voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency, integral power, harmonic, and flicker, at the specified recording interval. The PW3198 never fails to capture the peak because it performs calculations continuously and records the maximum, minimum, and average values within the recording interval Works on 50Hz/60Hz/400Hz systems.


  • Compliance with the IEC 61000-4-30 Class A international power quality standard and dramatically improved measurement reliability - Compliance with the IEC 61000-4-30 Class A international standard on power quality measurement, which stipulates the most stringent requirements in the field, points to the PW3198’s unparalleled functionality and reliability. To comply with the standard, the instrument delivers basic voltage measurement precision of 0.1%, an improvement of 200% over the previous model.
  • Simple configuration function for intuitive operation - The PW3198 incorporates a user-friendly configuration function that automatically selects the necessary measurement items once the user has chosen a measurement pattern, for example abnormal voltage detection. This capability eliminates the need for the user to configure a series of complex settings, significantly improving the instrument’s convenience.
  • Extended measurement capability thanks to flexible use of SD cards (2 GB card bundled with product) - The need for continuous monitoring in power quality measurement applications makes extended recording capability a must. The PW3198 ships standard with a 2 GB SD card that allows continuous measurement for up to 55 weeks.
  • Improved safety thanks to CAT IV 600 V compliance - Whereas the PW3198’s predecessor POWER QUALITY ANALYZER 3196 offered a CAT III 600 V safety level as defined by IEC 61010, the new PW3198 complies with CAT IV 600 V requirements. The higher level of protection enables the instrument to safely measure incoming power lines.

Measurement items:

  • Transient overvoltage : 2MHz sampling.
  • Frequency cycle : Calculated as one cycle, 40 to 70Hz
  • RMS voltage/ RMS current refreshed each half-cycle
  • Voltage swell, Voltage dips, Voltage interruption
  • Inrush current
  • Voltage waveform comparison
  • Instantaneous flicker value: As per IEC61000-4-15
  • Frequency: Calculated as 10 or 12 cycles, 40 to 70Hz
  • 10-sec frequency: Calculated as the whole-cycle time during the specified 10s period, 40 to 70Hz
  • Voltage waveform peak, Current waveform peak
  • Voltage, Current, Active power, Apparent power, Reactive power, Active energy, Reactive energy, Power factor, Displacement power factor, Voltage unbalance factor, Current unbalance factor (negative-phase, zero-phase)
  • High-order harmonic component (voltage/ current): 2kHz to 80kHz
  • Harmonic/ Harmonic phase angle (voltage/ current), Harmonic power: 0th to 50th oders
  • Harmonic voltage-current phase angle: 1th to 50th orders
  • Total harmonic distortion factor (voltage/ current)
  • Inter harmonic (voltage/ current): 0.5Hz to 49.5Hz
  • K Factor (multiplication factor)
  • IEC Flicker, Δ V10 Flicker

What's In The Box

  • Power Quality Analyzer 3198
  • 4ea. 9661 CT (500amp)
  • L1000 Voltage Cables
  • 3198 Hard Carrying Case
  • AC Adapter
  • Battery Pack
  • 9624-50 PC Software
  • Z4001 2GByte SD Card


Basic Specifications
Power quality measurement standard compliance IEEE 1159, IEC 61000-4-30 Ed. 2 Class A
Maximum recording period 1 month (with repeat function on: 55 weeks)
Maximum number of recordable events 1,000 (with repeat function on: 55,000)
Interfaces SD card slot (for writing data to an SD memory card), LAN (for remote operation and downloading of recorded data), USB (for downloading of recorded data), RS-232C (for printer and GPS connectivity)
Display 6.5-inch TFT color LCD (640×480 dots)
Power supply AC ADAPTER Z1002 (12V DC, Rated power supply 100V AC to 24 V AC, 50/60Hz)
BATTERY PACK Z1003 (Ni-MH 7.2V DC 4500mAh)
Dimensions, mass 300mm(11.81in)W × 211mm(8.31in)H × 68mm(2.68in)D (excluding protrusions), 2.6kg(91.7oz) (including battery pack)
Supplied Accessories Instruction manual ×1, Measurement guide ×1, VOLTAGE CORD L1000×1 set, Spiral Tube×1, Input Cable Labels ×1, AC ADAPTER Z1002 ×1, Strap ×1, USB cable (1m 3.28ft length) ×1, BATTERY PACK Z1003 ×1, SD MEMORY CARD 2GB Z4001 ×1
Measurement Specifications
1. Time Plot
Voltage items RMS voltage, waveform peak, harmonic, harmonic phase angle, inter-harmonics, high-order harmonic component, total harmonic distortion factor, unbalance factor (negative-phase and zero-phase), DC voltage, frequency V10
Current items RMS current, waveform peak, harmonic, harmonic phase angle, inter-harmonics, high-order harmonic component, total harmonic distortion factor, unbalance factor (negative-phase and zero-phase), DC current, K factor
Power items Active power, reactive power, apparent power, harmonic power, harmonic voltage-current phase difference, active integral power, reactive integral power, power factor
2. Event acquisition
Transients, swells, dips, interruptions, frequency, rush current, voltage waveform comparison, timer, external, and other combinations of the time series item events listed above.
Input Specifications
Measurement line 1-phase 2-wire, 1-phase 3-wire, 3-phase 3-wire, 3-phase 4-wire
Plus 1 channel in addition to the above measurement lines
Measurement frequency Basic frequency: 50/60/400 Hz
Transient overvoltage: 2 MHz sampling
Harmonic measurement Orders 0 (DC) to 50 (2.5 kHz or 3 kHz)
Voltage measurement range Voltage measurement: 600.00 Vrm
Transient overvoltage measurement: ±6.0000 kV peak
Current measurement range
Load current measurement With 9694 sensor: 5.0000/50.000 Arms
With 9660 sensor: 50.000/100.00 Arms
With 9661 sensor: 50.000/500.00 Arms
With 9667 sensor: 50.000/500.00 A, 500.00 A/5.0000 kArms
With 9669 sensor: 100.00 A/1.0000 kArms
Leak current measurement With 9675/9657-10 sensor: 500.00 mA/5.0000 Arms
Measurement accuracy (50 Hz/60 Hz measurement)
RMS voltage ±0.1% rdg.
RMS current ±0.2% rdg. ±0.1% f.s. + current sensor accuracy
Active power ±0.2% rdg. ±0.1% f.s. + current sensor accuracy

Hioki 3198-01/2000DC Product Specifications Summary:
(for full specs please see the full specs tab or the data sheet)

Power Measurement/Power Quality Analyzer Template

Type (Power Quality) What's This?3 Phase, Single Phase
Maximum Current AC What's This?2000 A
Maximum Current DC2000 A
Maximum Voltage AC600 V
Maximum Voltage DC600 V
True Power / Work ( W) What's This?Yes
Apparent Power (VA) What's This?Yes
Reactive Power (VAR) What's This?Yes
Current Input Channels1, 2, 3, 4
Voltage Input Channels1, 2, 3, 4
Measurement Frequency (Power Quality)400 Hz, 50 Hz, 60 Hz
Display (Power Quality)Digital, Graphical, Oscilloscope
Transient Capture What's This?Yes
Minimum Transient Durationnano-seconds 
Displays Waveform What's This?Yes
Energy What's This?Yes
Power Factor (Power Quality) What's This?Yes
Harmonics What's This?Yes
Maximum Harmonics Range50
Current Clamps IncludedYes 
Class A Compliant What's This?Yes
Crest FactorYes
CAT Rating What's This?IV
CAT Voltage Rating (V) What's This?600V
GPS LocationYes 

Test Equipment General Attributes

Unique FeaturesRemote Access through Ethernet and web browser
Analyzes 50Hz, 60Hz and 400Hz power systems
Warranty2 YEARS
Calibration IncludedNone
Power Supply Voltage120V/220V Universal
Data Logging What's This?Yes
Interfaces I/O LAN / Ethernet, Web Host / Web Server, USB
StorageSD Card 
Product Weight2.6 KILOS (5.73 LBS)
Battery TypeNimH
Product Height8.31 IN
Product Length11.81 IN
Product Width2.68 IN
Country of OriginJapan



ManualsSpec Sheets


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