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Hakko FR-300 Handheld Desoldering Tool

Hakko FR-300

FR-300 Open Case
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FR-300 Open Case

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Hakko FR-300
Catalog #: FR300-05/P
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Handheld Desoldering Tool Kit


  • Compatible with Lead Free solders
  • Made in Japan
  • Includes storage case and maintenance accessories
  • New N50 Series Desoldering Nozzles optimize performance
  • Easy to Clean solder recovery chamber minimizes maintenance and reduces waste
  • Fast Release tool for the Quick Change nozzle system
  • Closed‐Loop Sensor integrated heating system for improved thermal performance
  • Ergonomic grip design to minimize stress on yourhand and wrist
  • New pump design that lowers vibration and noise but improves vacuum pressure and flow
  • Easy to use adjustable temperature control built into the handle
  • See the Question and Answer Section for answers to many common questions!
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Handheld Desoldering Tool Kit
140 Watts 350 C (662 F) 500 C (932 F) Availability
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FR300 Handheld Desoldering Tool Kit with Extra Nozzles N50-06, N50-05,...
140 Watts 350 C (662 F) 500 C (932 F) Availability
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FR300 Handheld Desoldering Tool Kit with Extra Nozzles N50-01, N50-02,...
140 Watts 350 C (662 F) 500 C (932 F) Availability
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Edu Price Standard Price Gov't Price
FR300 Handheld Desoldering Tool Kit with Extra Nozzles N50-01 & N50-06
140 Watts 350 C (662 F) 500 C (932 F) Availability
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Edu Price Standard Price Gov't Price
FR300 Handheld Desoldering Tool Kit with 633-01 Iron Holder.
140 Watts 350 C (662 F) 500 C (932 F) Availability
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Edu Price Standard Price Gov't Price
FR300 Handheld Desoldering Tool Kit with Extra Nozzles N50-01, N50-02,...
140 Watts 350 C (662 F) 500 C (932 F) Availability
in stock!
Edu Price Standard Price Gov't Price
FR300 Handheld Desoldering Tool Kit with Extra Nozzles N50-01, N50-06...
140 Watts 350 C (662 F) 500 C (932 F) Availability
in stock!
Edu Price Standard Price Gov't Price

Product Information

Hakko FR-300 Handheld Desoldering Tool Kit

The FR-300 Desoldering Tool puts the performance of an industrial desoldering station into a compact and lightweight hand tool that can be used on the workbench, or in the field. This new tool incorporates much of what you have been asking for - A longer than normal power cord to provide the extra reach, Integrated power switch to turn the tool off when not in use, and a Quick Change nozzle system.

Parts Name


The new HAKKO FR-300 Desoldering Tool and Kit is an improved version of the older HAKKO 808 Desoldering Tool that brings the performance of an industrial soldering tool and puts it into a compact and lightweight hand tool. The HAKKO FR-300 also incorporates the features that users have been asking for - a longer power cord, and integrated power switch, and an easier way to remove the nozzles for cleaning and/or replacement.

The HAKKO FR-300 uses a new pump system that requires only a single cylinder that can generate more suction flow that the previous 808 Desoldering Tool but is better balanced and positioned within the tool to reduce vibration during use. The higher power heater incorporates a closed-loop sensor feedback system that provides improved temperature control and recovery. The new heating element also incorporates a new quick-change nozzle system that allows the nozzle to easily be removed for cleaning and/or replaced with a simple 'click'.

The grip for the HAKKO FR-300 has been improved by making the shape more ergonomically friendly while retaining the same canted forward design as the 808 Desoldering Tool that minimizes stress on the user’s wrist when in use. The grip also has an easily accessible temperature control dial with temperature indications embossed into the grip and dial. There is also an integrated power switch to turn the tool on or off at the back of the grip, and a heater activity indicator LED in the front of the grip.

The filter pipe on the HAKKO FR-300 has also been improved, providing a grip area on the pipe itself that is cooler to the touch when it must be removed to clean out the collected material or replace the fitlers. The HAKKO FR-300 also comes with an improved carrying case that securely holds the tool and protects it from damage when transporting, and the case is made with specifically designed cavities to hold and store the various maintenance cleaning pins and drills as well as the simple holder and quick change nozzle tool.

What's In The Box

  • FR300-05 FR-300 Desoldering Tool
  • C5000 FR-300 Tool Case
  • C5003 Iron Holder (Simple)
  • B5015 Quick Change Nozzle Tool
  • B5017 Filter Pipe (installed)
  • B5016 Aluminum Pre-Filter (1 installed / 1 replacement)
  • A1033 Ceramic Filter (1 installed / 2 replacements)
  • B1087 Cleaning Pin for ø1.0mm Nozzles
  • B1085 Cleaning Pin for Heating Element
  • N50-04 ø1.0mm Desoldering Nozzle (installed)


Hakko FR-300 Specifications
Model FR-300
PartNo. FR300-05/P
Power Consumption 140W120V
Temperature Range 350°C-500°C(660°F-930°F)
Tip to Ground Resistance <2Ω
Tip to Ground Potential <2mV
Temp Stability & Accuracy MeetsorExceedsIPCJ-STD-001
Heating Element Ceramic
Motor Output 14W
Vacuum Source Single-cylinderDiaphragmPump
Vacuum Pressure 81kPa(610mmHg/24in.Hg)
Suction Flow 11L/min
Safety Approval met
Weight(w/o cord and case) 0.52kg(1.1lb.)
Reach 1.8m(5.9ft.)
Nozzles N50Series
Standard Nozzle N50-04(ø1.0mm)
Dimensions (w/ocase) (LxWxH) 210x49x226mm

Hakko FR-300 Product Specifications Summary:
(for full specs please see the full specs tab or the data sheet)

Soldering Equipment/Desoldering Equipment/Rework Stations Template

Watts140 Watts
Temperature Range Min350 C (662 F)
Temperature Range Max500 C (932 F)
Vacuum PickupNo
Air FlowInternal Pump
Built in PreheaterNo
Built in Board HolderNo
Tweezer OptionNo
Hot AirNo
Applications (Desoldering)Surface Mount, Through hole
Soldering/ DesolderingYes
ESD SafeNo
BGA CompatibleNo
Hand Piece StyleGun
Self Contained Hand HeldYes
Type (Desoldering/Rework Equipment)Both, Desoldering, Rework

Test Equipment General Attributes

Unique Features*Quick Change Nozzles
*Fast Thermal Recovery
*Low Vibration and Lower Noise
*Temperature built into the handle
Warranty1 YEARS
Warranty Details1 year internal power supply 90 days external components
Power Supply Voltage120V 50/60 Hz 
Safety ApprovalMET
Data Logging What's This?No
Product Weight3.4 LBS
ECCN NumberEAR99
HTS/Schedule B Number8515.11.0000
Country of OriginJapan


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Q & A

Q:  What is the difference between the Hakko 808/Kit and the new Hakko Fr-300 Desoldering Iron?
A: The FR300 has a longer power cord, intergrated power switch, an easier way to remove nozzles, as well as a number pump.  The new pump has even more suction than the pump on the older Hakko 808/Kit.  It seems impossible but the best handheld desoldering tool just got even better.

Other minor changes the the grip was overhaulded to be more ergonimic.  The piple filter has a spot where you can now grip it to remove it.  This makes the unit easier to clean.  The case is also upgraded a bit to to hold all the accessories for transport.

Q:  Are the A1000 series tips that were used with the Hakko 808-Kit compatible with the FR300?
A: The A1000 tips are not compatible with the new FR300.  The nozzles that are compaitible with the FR300 is the N50 series tips. 

Q: What tip comes with the Hakko FR300?
A: The unit coms with the N50-04 1mm Desoldering nozzle.  This tip is preinstalled on the unit.

Q: I see in some documents that there is a Part number FR300-05 FR300 and FR300-05/p.  What are the differences?
A: These are all the same.  The model number is FR300.  The offical part number is the FR300-05 and the Hakko FR300-05/p means the unit comes in retail packaging.  These are all the same unit.

Q: Is the Hakko FR300 220V?
A: No the unit sold in the USA is 120V only.  You need an inexpensive voltage converter to use with 220V power.


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