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GME FG-2020 20mhz Dds Function Generator

GME FG-2020
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20MHz DDS Function Generator


  • Up to 20MHz output frequency and 5V peak-to-peak amplitude
  • DDS technology with microprocessor control for clean and accurate waveform
  • Multiple output waveforms include sine, triangle, and square wave
  • Numerical keypad for simple and accurate frequency setting up to 0.2Hz step
  • 8-digit LCD frequency display
  • Two BNC outputs for simultaneous square waveform and sine/triangle waveform output
  • Sine/triangle waveform amplitude adjustable up to 5V peak-to-peak
  • Built-in flash memory for store/recall of up to 50 setup parameters (both frequency value and waveform type)
  • Low battery indicator
  • AC adaptor power source or standard 9V battery operation
  • Ideal for on-the-bench and in-the-field testing
  • Easy to use, lightweight, and portable
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Product Information

FG-2000 Series DDS Function Generator

Based on the latest advances in DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) technology, the FG-2000 series is a portable high precision sine, square, and triangle waveform function generator. The FG-2000 series utilize microprocessor control that delivers clean and accurate waveforms up to 20MHz with 5V peak-to-peak amplitude in a portable hand-held unit.

The frequency output of the FG-2000 series can be set at 0.2Hz step resolution up to 20MHz. The easy to use interface features a numerical keypad that allows simple and accurate frequency setting while the 8-digit LCD displays the frequency value. Internal built-in flash memory allows store/recall of up to 50 frequency values for various waveforms.

There are two BNC connectors for separate sine/triangle and square wave output. The FG-2000 series also feature variable sine and triangle wave amplitude control. The instruments can be power from the included 7.5V AC adapter or a standard 9V battery.


Technical Specifications
Waveforms: Sine, Triangle, Square
Range: Sine/ Square waveform: DC to 5MHz (FG-2005)
DC to 10MHz (FG-2010)
DC to 15MHz (FG-2015)
DC to 20MHz (FG-2020)
Triangle waveform: DC to 2MHz (All models)
Frequency Resolution: 0.2 Hz steps (under 10MHz)
1 Hz steps (10MHz to 20MHz)
Crystal accuracy: ± 30ppm
Sine, Triangle wave: 5Vp-p (no load) with variable amplitude control
Square wave: 5Vp-p
Output impedance: 50 ohm
Store/Recall Memory Size: Store/Recall 50 setup parameters
Power: Standard 9V battery or external AC adapter
Dimensions: 5.7”(H) x 3.8”(W) x 1.5”(D)
Include accessories: 1pc - 7.5V AC adapter; 1pc - protective rubber boot


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