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Fluke Networks 52801RJ9 TS52 PRO Test Set with ABN and RJ11 Plug

Fluke Networks 52801RJ9
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  • 52801RJ9 TS52 PRO Test Set
  • Replaceable heavy-duty braided cord and locking spring loaded belt clip
  • Mute
  • Data lockout with data lockout override
  • Low battery indication
  • Mute indication
  • PBX pause button
  • Polarity indication
  • (Optional) 1-Way amplified speakerphone mode
  • Amplified speaker
  • Last number redial
  • Over voltage protection
  • Over current protection
  • High voltage lockout
  • Speed dialing
  • 2-Way hands-free speakerphone: for true hands-free conversation
  • Volume control levels
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Visual ANAC mode
  • Line and battery powered: shares power from the telephone line and the 9v internal battery, increasing the life of the battery
  • Tone & pulse dialing

*visual ANAC (automatic number announcement circuit) for service provider use only, not available in all regions

Five Testing Functions:

  • Current (mA) indication – verifies sufficient line current
  • Data indication – warns when data is present.
  • DTMF Digit Grabbing – Isolate faulty customer premise equipment
  • Voltage indication – troubleshooting feature to identify potential line problems
  • Caller-ID – verifies service is functional

Durability & Exterior:

  • Line cord strain relief
  • Mountable, top or bottom, extra large metal locking belt clip
  • Rainsafe and Weatherproof case design for severe weather conditions.
  • DropSafe™ 20ft onto concrete


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Product Information

Fluke Networks 52801RJ9 TS52 PRO Test Set with ABN/PP and RJ11 Plug



Fluke Networks 52801RJ9 TS52 PRO Test Set with ABN/PP and RJ11 Plug

DataSafe Pro

Superior high-impedance monitoring, lockout and override, making you completely safe in any mode

DropSafe and RainSafe

Passes 20-foot drop test, Designed for use in rain conditions

DSL/POTS Filtering Technology

Allows technicians to clip on a live DSL line to test POTS service without downing or disrupting data service

TS® 52 PRO Test Sets


Fluke Networks’ new TS®52 PRO Test Set features the latest in test set technology. Designed with a superior, radiant liquid crystal display (LCD) user interface, it allows you to see what cannot be heard in any outside plant environment.

The back lit LCD and phosphorescent (glow-in-the-dark) keypad brings light to even the darkest of work environments, providing perfect line diagnostic clarity.

The TS®52 PRO Test Set is also equipped with 2-WaySpeakerphone and DataSafe™ Pro data protection technology featuring superior high-impedance monitoring, Data Lockout and Lockout Override, making you completely safe.


Handy features

This easy-to-use unit comes with all the features that make a technician more productive, including a crystal clear LCD (liquid crystal display) with backlight, caller-id, a high-fidelity, two-way hands-free amplified speakerphone, speed dialing, a low battery warning indicator and a rugged oversized locking belt clip for universal needs.

Data protection for your network:
  • DataSafe (Extended range high-impedance)
  • Data lockout with single button override
Testing benefits that increase your productivity:
  • Caller-ID
  • DTMF Digit Grabbing
  • Data indication/warning
  • Voltage indication
  • Current (mA) indication
  • Visual ANAC Mode (Automatic Number Announcement Circuit)
Durability and design that exceeds your needs:
  • LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) with backlight
  • DropSafe 20 feet
  • Enhanced weatherproof/ waterproof case design
  • Line cord strain relief
  • Low profile keypad with protection ridge
  • Mountable, top or bottom, extra large metal locking belt clip

Display: Easy-to-read Visual Indicator Icons




TS52 PRO Test Set Quick Guide
Feature Operation
Data Test/ Lockout Override Connect the unit to Tip and Ring and move the T/M switch to T. If high speed data is present, a warning beep sounds, the test set will lockout, will not go off-hook, and the display shows LOCKOUT. If there is no high speed data, the unit will go off-hook. If the test set is locked out and you are certain that you want to go off-hook, press the OVERRIDE key.
Line Voltage Test In Monitor mode, press the Vdc/mA TEST key.
Loop Current Test Switch to Talk mode and press the Vdc/mA TEST key.
Redial the Last Number Dialed Switch to Talk mode and press the LNR key.
Pulse Dialing By default the unit is configured to Tone dial. Any time the test set goes off-hook, it is automatically set to tone dialing. If you want to Pulse dial, switch to Talk mode and once off-hook, press the SHIFT (STORE PROG) key and then the PULSE key to change the dialing mode to pulse dialing. You can then enter the number to call.
Program Speed Dial Numbers Switch to Monitor mode and press RCL. Enter the number to be stored. Press STORE/PROG, then press the number of the memory location (0-9) where you want to store it. The test set gives a confirmation tone and the display shows STORED. Dialing a number from Speed Dial location 9 automatically puts the test set into Visual ANAC mode and the test set is muted.
Set Receive-Only Loud Speaker as Default(for use in noisy environments) Switch to Monitor mode and press STORE/PROG, then press MUTE. The confirmation tone sounds. To restore the Speakerphone as the default Speaker mode, repeat the above steps.
Speed Dial a Stored Number Switch to Talk mode and press RCL. Press the key (0-9) of the memory location where the number is stored. The display shows the number being called.
Two-Way Speakerphone Switch to Talk mode and press SPKR. Press SPKR again to deactivate. If you are listening only, press MUTE to activate the Receive-Only Loud Speaker. Press MUTE again to restore the two-way Speakerphone.
Turn on visual ANAC mode (For service provider use only, visual ANAC not available in all regions) You can get a visual ANAC DTMF response by putting the test set in visual ANAC mode. Use speed dial location 9 or switch to Talk mode, press the STORE/PROG key and then the # key. When you dial your ANAC number, the number that you are dialing from is shown on the display and the test set is muted.
Display and Backlight Turn on the display by switching to Talk mode or press the VOL or Vdc/mA TEST key in Monitor mode. Turn on or off the backlight in Monitor mode by pressing STORE/PROG followed by *. The default is off, this conserves battery power.
DTMF Digit Grabbing Switch to Monitor mode, press the STORE/PROG key and then the Vdc/mA TEST key. Digit grabbing is deactivated when the display times out.
Caller ID The display shows the Caller ID (CID) after the first ring while in Monitor mode. The CID messages are:
  • The incoming phone number
  • Blocked (if CID is blocked by the originating device)
  • Line error (CID data is incomplete)
  • Unknown ID (CID is not available)
  • Lines carrying high speed data and voice must have a splitter (filter) to detect Caller ID.
Polarity If normal, no icon is displayed. If reversed, the icon is shown.
Telephone Butt-In Test Sets Comparison Chart
  TS®54 TDR TS®52 PRO TS®22A TS®22 TS®25D TS®30 / TS®120* TS®19
TDR for distance to Open, Shorts            
Built-in toner            
Display—backlit LCD and glow-in-the-the dark keypad     LCD only    
Extended range high-impedance DataSafe operation in monitor mode        
High-impedance DataSafe™ operation in monitor mode  
Data lockout protection        
DSL/POTS filtering technology        
Low/high voltage indication        
Low current (mA) indication        
Over voltage and current protection  
Waterproof—exceeds American Military Spec. MIL-STD-810E          
RainSafe™—safe in severe weather conditions    
DropSafe™—passes 20 foot (6 meter) drop test onto concrete    
Stores nine 18-digit numbers in repertory dialer (speed dialing)    
*TS120 for outside North America only. 67/33 break/make ratio.

What's In The Box

  • TS52 PRO Test Set
  • ABN/PP
  • RJ11 plug


Current Range (Off-Hook) 10 mA to 100 mA
DC Resistance
Off-Hook 150 O?nominal
On-Hook >3 M O
AC Impedance
Off-Hook 600 O?nominal; 300 Hz to 3400 Hz
On-Hook >120 kO 300 Hz to 3400 Hz
Rotary Dial Output
Pulsing Rate 10 pps ±1 pps
Break/Make Ratio 60/40
Interdigit Interval >300 ms
Resistance During Break >100 kO
DTMF Output
Tone Frequency Error ±1.5 % maximum
Tone Level -3 dBm combined (typical)
High versus Low Tone Difference 2 dB ± 2 dB
Memory Dialing
Memory Capacity 10 speed dial memories plus one last number redial memory
Digit Capacity 23 digits per memory
PBX Pause Duration 4 seconds
Hook Flash Duration User programmable; default of 600 ms
Automatic Speaker Shut Off Duration User programmable; default of 2 minutes
Battery 9 V alkaline battery
Measurement 10 in x 3.75 in x 4.25 in (254 mm x 96 mm x 107 mm)
Weight Less than 1.5 pounds (0.68 kg) with one belt clip
Water Resistance Designed to be rain and moisture resistant.
Drop Test Passes 20 foot drop test
Temperature Range
Handset speech and dialing functions -22°F to 140 °F (-30°C to 60°C)
LCD function -13°F to 140°F (-25°C to 60°C)
Storage -22°F to 150°F (-30°C to 66°C)
Altitude To 10,000 ft. (3,000 m) max
Relative Humidity 95% to 30°C
75% to 40°C
45% to 50°C
30% to 60°C
Safety Complies with ANSI/ISA 82.02.01 (61010-1) 2004, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No 61010-1-04, UL 61010-1 (2004) and IEC/EN 61010-1 2nd Edition for measurement Category I, 300 Vdc Max, Pollution Degree 2
EMC Complies with EMC EN61326-1


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