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Fluke 179 Digital Multimeter 6000 Count DMM with Backlight & Temperature Measurement

Fluke 179
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  • Bright backlight display to see the screen in almost any light
  • Comes with the 80BK temp probe
  • Measures temp in F and C
  • IEC 1010 CAT IV 600V, CAT III 1000V    This means it is safe for use in more applications
  • Industry Leading Lifetime Warranty
  • True-rms ac voltage and current for accurate readings on all waveforms
  • 6000 count display
  • Measures frequency, capacitance & resistance
  • Min/Max/Average
  • Drop tested to 1 meter
  • Overmolded case with built in probe holders
  • One of the best selling multimeters in the Fluke line
  • Measures current DC and AC to 10 A
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Product Information

The Fluke 179 Digital Multimeter is the top of the line offering in the popular Fluke 170 series. The overmolded case with built in probe holders also adds the protection to withstand a drop test up to one meter. Add to that the lifetime warranty and you get one of the most durable, cost effective tools in your arsenal.

Smart, Safe, & Tough!

The Fluke 179 is a proven tough multimeter that has a lifetime warranty.  It is rough and tough and can take a hit.  The 179 has a built in molded holster that gives the unit increased ruggedness. 

The 179 features tougher body armor, 6000 count resolution display, auto and manual hold, lifetime warranty and are designed to meet the IEC 1010 Safety Standards to CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1000V.

These meters are internally tough with fused current inputs, overvoltage protection and they even protect against measuring voltage if the knob is accidentally set on ohms. On the outside the rugged overmolded body armor case offers constant protection no matter how much you throw them around. For those with accuracy concerns the Fluke 170 series meters are more accurate than ever and have an easy-open battery door where the battery can be changed without breaking the calibration seal, preventing unnecessary calibration charges.

For overvoltage protection against transient spikes up to 6 kV, and has the safety ratings to prove it. Protect yourself and your technicians working in dangerous environments like three-phase distribution systems such as: single phase commercial lighting, equipment in fixed installations like switch gear and polyphase motors, bus and feeder in industrial plants, lighting systems in larger buildings and appliance outlets with short connections to the service entrance.

What's In The Box

  • TL75 test leads
  • 9V Battery (installed)
  • Users Manual
  • 80BK Temperature Probe (179 only)


AC Amps Range 0.01 mA to 10.00A (20A overload for 30 seconds)
Accuracy ± (1.5% of reading plus 3 counts)
Crest Factor £3
AC Response 45 Hz to 1 kHz
DC Amps Range 0.01mA to 10.00A (20A overload for 30 seconds)
Accuracy ± (1.0% of reading plus 3 counts)
AC Volts Range 0.1 mV to 1000V
Accuracy 45 Hz to 500 Hz 1% of rdg + 3 counts, 500 Hz to 1 kHz 2% of rdg + 3 counts
AC Response 45 Hz to 1 kHz
DC Volts Range 0.1 mV to 1000V
Accuracy ± (0.09% of reading plus 2 counts)
Ohms Range 0.1W to 50.00 MW
Best Accuracy ± (0.9% of reading plus 1 count)
Capacitance Range 1 nF to 9999 µF
Best Accuracy ± (1.2% of reading plus 2 counts)
Continuity Beeper guaranteed on <25W, guaranteed off >250W; detects opens or shorts of 250 µs or longer
Hz Range Voltage Input: 2 Hz to 100 kHz
Current Input: 2 Hz to 30 kHz
Accuracy ± (0.1% of reading plus 1 count)
Extended Specifications Click here

Fluke 179 Product Specifications Summary:
(for full specs please see the full specs tab or the data sheet)

Multimeters Template

Measures AC VYes
Measures DC VYes
Measures AC AYes
Measures DC AYes
True RMS What's This?Yes
Maximum Voltage AC1000 V
Minimum Voltage AC0.1 mV
Resolution AC Volts0.1 mV
Maximum Voltage DC1000 V
Minimum Voltage DC0.1 V (100 mV)
Resolution DC Volts0.1 mV
Maximum Current AC What's This?10 A
Minimum Current AC0.01 mA
Resolution AC Current0.01 mA
Maximum Current DC10 A
Minimum Current DC0.01 mA
Resolution DC Current0.01 mA
Basic Accuracy V DC0.09 
# Digit Display What's This?3.75
Counts What's This?6000 .
Manual/Autoranging What's This?Both
Dual DisplayNo
Analog Bargraph on DisplayYes
Continuity What's This?Yes 
Diode TestingYes 
CAT Rating What's This?IV 
CAT Voltage What's This?1,000 V, 600 V 
Peak HoldNo 
Overload ProtectorYes
Kelvin 4-Wire Measurement Capability What's This?No
Intrinsically Safe What's This?No
Wireless DisplayNo
Data Hold What's This?Yes
Low-Pass Filter What's This?No

Test Equipment General Attributes

Unique Features•Manual and automatic ranging
•Display Hold and Auto Hold
•Frequency and capacitance measurements
•Resistance, continuity and diode measurements
•Temperature measurements (179)
•Min-max-average recording
•Closed case calibration through front panel
•Ergonomic case with integrated protective holster
Warranty1 LIFETIME (1 YEARS)
Calibration IncludedFactory Calibration
Power Supply VoltageBattery Powered
Safety ApprovalCSA, UL
Data Logging What's This?No
Product Weight420 GRAMS (0.926 LBS)
Battery Type9v
Product Height1.69 IN
Product Length7.28 IN
Product Width3.54 IN
Shipping Weight1.7 LBS
Country of OriginUnited States
Shipping Height3.5 IN
Shipping Length10.98 IN
Shipping Width6.5 IN


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Q & A

Q:  Does the Fluke 179 measure both current and voltage?
A:  Yes.  The Fluke 179 will measure AC/DC current to 10A, and AC/DC voltage to 1000V.
Q:  Besides current and voltage, what other tests can I perform with the Fluke 179?
A:  The Fluke 179 will also measure resistance, capacitance, continuity and frequency, as well as test diodes.  Temperature can be measured with the included 80BK temperature probe.
Q:  Is the Fluke 179 manual or auto-ranging?
A:  It is both manual and auto-ranging, offering the user greater flexibility.

Q:  Do I need to buy test leads, or will they be included?  What else comes with it?
A:  The Fluke 179 includes the TL75 test leads.  It also comes with a 9V battery, user manual, and 80BK temperature probe.

Q:  Is there a way I can hang the 179, so I have both hands free to hold the test leads?
A:  Yes.  The Fluke TPAK is a magnetic device which can be attached to any ferrous metal, or turned into a loop so you can hang it on a nail, hook, or any other object.  The TPAK can be seen by clicking here.

Q:  The Fluke 179 says it is a True RMS meter.  What does that mean?  Do I need that?
A:  RMS stands for Root Mean Square.  While an ideal AC signal is a true sine wave, many situations will present deformed, imperfect waveforms.  When measuring these with a meter which is not True RMS, the user can often be provided with inaccurate readings.  However, the Fluke 179 is a True RMS device.  Through a series of complex mathematical algorithms, it is able to display accurate readings, making the 179 much more dependable than many other products on the market.


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