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Fluke 9936A-L1 LogWare III, Additional 1-Pack License

Fluke 9936A-L1
Catalog #: 2724099
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  • Additional 1-Pack License
  • Greatly improved performance for database transactions, such as committing downloaded/imported data or querying logged data
  • Option to run LogWare III Client application as a service – does not require user to be logged in
  • Improved and simplified e-mail setup and event configuration
  • Improved e-mail delivery system
  • Option to have graph background color change based on current alarm states for better visual management
  • Option to set alarm warning threshold values allows users to be warned before an alarm is tripped
  • Option to delay of out-of-tolerance alarm indications and e-mails to prevent single OOT readings from tripping alarms
  • Option to perform dew point calculations and display dew point value and statistics
  • Option to sync logger’s internal data logging settings with Real-Time Log Session settings
  • Capability of applying a single location to all readings when importing data
  • Capability of downloading logged data without having to terminate Real-Time Log Session
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Product Information

9936A-L1 LogWare III Software, Additional 1-Pack License

Temperature data logging using 9936A LogWare III

What is LogWare?

LogWare III is a client/server application that can be used enterprise-wide for environmental data logging and monitoring.  It records, retrieves, and analyzes temperature and relative humidity data. LogWare III can be installed in either a client/server, multi-user environment or on a single PC as a stand-alone system.

LogWare III is designed to acquire environmental condition data from the Model 1620/1620A "DewK" Thermo-Hygrometer using either RS-232 or TCP/IP (Ethernet) communications. Optionally, the software also supports wireless communications using the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless communication protocol.

LogWare III performs remote environmental condition monitoring and data logging, and logs a virtually unlimited number of concurrent log sessions into a central database. That means data from many DewKs can be managed in real time via Ethernet, RS-232, or wireless connections.

Data may be logged from one or both of a DewK’s sensors, providing up to two temperature and relative humidity inputs for each DewK

LogWare is designed to work with the following thermo-hygrometers (loggers):

  • Model 1620A “DewK” Thermo-Hygrometer
  • Model 1620 “DewK” Thermo-Hygrometer
  • Model 5020A “DewK” Thermo-Hygrometer

LogWare III allows you to customize your graph trace color, alarms, and statistics as you go. You can start/stop log sessions from your computer. LogWare III supports “hot-swapping," which allows you to remove and replace sensors without shutting down the log session. LogWare III also supports security features such as passwords for individual users or groups/teams, a built-in administrator account, pre-defined user groups, and customizable permissions to ensure the integrity of all stored data.

Customizable e-mail settings allow you to send e-mails to designated recipients, including cell phones and PDA’s, when a log session begins, ends, or is aborted; when the DewK’s battery is low; when a sensor calibration is due; or when a temperature/humidity alarm is exceeded.

Data stored on the DewK can be imported into the software, which is a handy feature when power outages disable the network, or when you are unable to physically connect a DewK to the PC or to the network.

Are you ready for a deep dive into your data? Historical environmental data can be viewed by sensor (model/serial number) location or log session and displayed in a spreadsheet-style grid. Logged data can also be exported to HTML, RTF or ASCII text for use in your analytical software, or simply print historical data and graphs

Customizable graphs in LogWare III with zooming capability are an easy way to analyze your data history, and data points that need to be explained can be highlighted, annotated, and referred to later. LogWare III statistics include min, max, spread, average, and standard deviation functions, and printed reports keep track of the percentage of temperature and humidity measurements that were found to be out of tolerance.

LogWare’s temperature data logging features

  • Data from many DewKs can be logged in real time via Ethernet, RS-232, or wireless connections
  • Supports “hot-swapping," which allows you to remove and replace sensors without shutting down the log session
  • Exports real-time data for use with MET/CAL calibration software
  • Selectable sample interval from 1 second to 24 hours
  • Selectable delayed start date/time for off-hours real-time data logging
  • Selectable end log options (to stop session after specified time or number of readings)
  • Logs all readings to a central database
  • Selectable high and low alarm settings with user defined events (can be configured to play .WAV file or launch an application, such as pager software, when an alarm trips)

LogWare’s data graphing features

  • Graphs readings and calculates statistics as they are being logged
  • Customize your graph trace color, alarms, and statistics
  • Graph temperature and humidity on the same graph or on separate graphs
  • Graph zooming capability

LogWare's data analysis features

  • Select data to display based on location or sensor and date/time range
  • Spreadsheet-style grid to view all logged readings
  • Statistical calculations
  • Export logged data to various file types
  • Highlighting and annotations can be attached to any reading

LogWare’s security features

  • Built-in administrator account for performing administrative functions
  • User accounts for individual users or teams
  • Customizable permissions for each user account to restrict access to software features
  • User name and password required for login
  • Activate/deactivate individual user accounts to allow/prevent login
  • Activate/deactivate individual loggers, sensors, and locations to allow/prevent use

LogWare also provides these additional features

  • Customizable e-mail settings allow you to send e-mails to designated recipients, including cell phones and PDA’s, when a log session begins, ends, or is aborted; when the DewK’s battery is low; when a sensor calibration is due; or when a temperature/humidity alarm is exceeded; and more...
  • Viewing data stored in the central database from any LogWare III client computer on the network
  • Exporting data to multiple file types: HTML, RTF or ASCII text
  • Printing reports and graphs
  • Appending annotations to data points


Software/OS Compatibility Chart-TCAL Software
  Win XP Pro SP3 *Vista SP2e Windows 7 SP1 Server 2003 *Server 2008 / R2
Software 32-Bit 64-Bit 32-Bit 64-Bit 32-Bit 64-Bit 32-Bit 64-Bit 32-Bit 64-Bit
Interface-it (9930) Y N Y1,2 N Y1,2 N X N X N
TableWare (9933) Y N Y1 N Y1 N X N X N
LogWare (9934) Y X Y X Y Y X X X X
LogWare II (9935) Y X Y X Y Y X X X X
LogWare III (9936A) Y X Y X Y Y Y Y Y Y
MET/TEMP II (9938) Y N Y1,2 N Y1,2 N X N X N
IO Toolkit (9940) Y X Y X Y Y X X X X
IR Configuration Utility Y X Y X Y X X X X X
Y - Tested by Fluke. No known issues unless otherwise noted.
X - Not tested by Fluke or not applicable.
N - Software does not support this version of Windows®.
* On-line Help files may not be accessible if you have not installed Microsoft's patch
1 - Software shortcut icons may not appear correctly.
2 - Software may not always work as expected and experience some issues.


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