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Fluke 1664FC Multifunction Installation Tester with Insulation Pre-Test

Fluke 1664FC SCH
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  • 1664FC Multifunction Installation Tester with Insulation Pre-Test
  • Autotest to test line/loop impedance, RCD trip current / trip time, insulation tests with a single connection and the press of a single button.
  • Additional high current loop mode. Faster measurements compared to loop tests with non-trip mode for RCDs.
  • Z-max memory for loop tests – easy evaluation of the highest loop test value.
  • Unique zero adapter for fast, always reliable and accurate test lead and mains cord compensation.
  • Fast voltage measurement between L-N, L-PE and N-PE using the mains cord. No need to change measurement connections.
  • Measure RCD trip current & trip time in parallel (RCD type AC and A).
  • Two measurements at once and a dual display. PEFC or PSC and loop impedance are measured and displayed in parallel, saving you time.
  • Ring testing – select the required input sockets with soft keys – no need to exchange test leads.
  • Automatic test start for Loop & RCD tests – as soon as mains voltage is stable it starts testing.
  • Earth Volt Touchpad detects raised earth voltages >50 V, indicating potential dangerous situations.
  • Supplied with the safety designed SureGrip™ test leads and clips which gives the user a comfortable, reliable grip and consistent results.
  • Rotary dial knob indicates clearly which function is selected, all in one spot with no complex multi-level menus.
  • Large display with backlight, clear symbols and with exceptionally wide viewing angle for easy and safe readings.
  • PASS/FAIL indication for RCD test results.
  • Variable RCD current mode for customized settings.
  • Loop & line resistance with mΩ resolution.
  • Test smooth dc sensitive RCDs (Type B).
  • Extended memory with 3 layers.
  • Use continuity test currents to measure motor windings.
  • Withstands a drop of 1 meter.
  • Compact, lightweight (less than 1.3 kg) and padded neck-strap to free your hands for all day testing.
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1664FC SCH
1664FC SCH
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1662 SCH
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1663 SCH
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Fluke 1664FC Multifunction Installation Tester

Fluke 1664FC Multifunction Installation Tester with Insulation Pre-Test

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Product Information

1664FC Multifunction Installation Tester with Insulation Pre-Test.


Fluke 1664FC Multifunction Installation Tester with Insulation Pre-Test


Z-max memory for loop tests – easy evaluation of the highest loop test value

Measure RCD trip current & trip time in parallel (RCD type AC and A).

PASS/FAIL indication for RCD test results.

Variable RCD current mode for customized settings.

Loop & line resistance with mΩ resolution.

Test smooth dc sensitive RCDs (Type B).


Fluke 1664FC Multifunction Installation Tester with Insulation Pre-Test


The 1664 FC puts more power in your hands by quickly and efficiently testing to all local regulations, protecting appliances that may be inadvertently connected to the system under test, and making it easy to share test results over your smartphone.

Fluke 1660 Series Multifunction Installation Testers

Reduce test time up to 40 % with Auto Test

Auto Test does 5 required installation tests in one sequence, including selectable Type A, AC & RCD Auto Test, ensuring compliance with local installation regulations. It reduces the number of manual connections, decreases the possibility of making errors and reduces test time up to 40 % from previous Fluke models.

Insulation PreTest

Protect the installation. Avoid costly mistakes.
The Fluke 1664 FC Installation Tester is the only installation with “Insulation PreTest,” which warns you about potentially serious and costly mistakes. If the tester detects that appliances are connected to the system during test, it will stop the insulation test and provide a visual and audible warning. This helps eliminate accidental damage to peripheral equipment and keeps your customers happy.

Fluke Connect®, ShareLive™ calling and Fluke Cloud™ storage

Share from anywhere 
Save time—eliminate data entry by wirelessly syncing measurements directly from your installation tester and share with your team using the Fluke Connect system. Having access to measurements simultane- ous at the inspection site and from the office or an off-site location enables faster decision making and real time collaboration between team members.

Fluke Cloud™ storage

Retrieve stored results from anywhere 
Cloud storage allows you to retrieve stored results whether you are in the office or in the field to make decisions in real time. Fluke Connect uses radio-enabled test tools and a mobile app to transfer measure- ments straight from the field to a secure cloud location, where the data can be accessed by team members. Plus you can import the data into Fluke DMS to process and generate certificates.



Key product capabilities
The 1660 Series testers verify the safety of electrical installations in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. They can ensure that fixed wiring is safe and correctly installed to meet the requirements of IEC 60364 and all relevant local standards.

Fluke 1664 FC
The Fluke 1664 FC is the only installation tester that protects connected appliances from damage during insulation tests, and allows you to share your test results wirelessly by smartphone with coworkers or customers. Fluke’s patent pending Insulation PreTest stops you from performing tests with appliances that are connected to the system during test. This helps eliminate accidental damage and keeps your custom- ers happy.

In addition, the Fluke 1664 FC offers you the power of Fluke Connect. Now you can send test results straight from your Fluke 1664 FC to your smartphone, and transmit those results to other members of your team. You can get feedback, suggestions and even have work orders sent to your job site. You can also save your test results to Fluke Cloud™ storage. No more writing down data on paper with the possibility of transcription errors. Cloud storage gives you a fast, secure and accurate way to storing all your test data and create test certificates with Fluke DMS.

Fluke 1663
The ideal tester for professional trouble-shooters. This instrument is ideal for professional users–high- end functionality, advanced measurement capability, yet it is still easy to use. Operation is intuitive and easily mastered by all levels of field workers.

Fluke 1662
A solid, basic installation tester. The Fluke 1662 gives you Fluke reliability, simple operation and all the testing power you need for basic installation testing.

Preventive maintenance simplified. Rework eliminated.
Save time and improve the reliability of your maintenance data by wirelessly syncing measurements using the Fluke Connect® system.

  • Eliminate data-entry errors by saving measurements directly from the tool and associating them with the work order, report or asset record.
  • Maximize uptime and make confident maintenance decisions with data you can trust and trace.
  • Access baseline, historical and current measurements by asset.
  • Move away from clipboards, notebooks and multiple spreadsheets with a wireless one-step measurement transfer.
  • Share your measurement data using ShareLive™ video calls and emails.
  • Fluke 1664 FC is part of a growing system of connected test tools and equipment maintenance software. Visit the website to learn more about the Fluke Connect® system.

What's In The Box

  • 6x AA (IEC LR6) cell batteries
  • C1600 hard carrying case
  • Zero adapter
  • Heavy duty mains cord
  • STD standard test lead set
  • C1600 hard carrying case
  • Padded carrying and waist strap
  • Quick reference guide
  • TP165X remote control probe and lead
  • User's manual on CD-ROM


Model 1662 1663 1664 FC
Measurement Function
Insulation-PreTest ™ safety function NEW    
Insulation at L-N, L-PE, N-PE inputs NEW    
Auto Test sequence NEW    
Loop and line resistance—mΩresolution    
Continuity at L-N, L-PE, N-PE inputs NEW  
Test smooth dc sensitive RCDs (Type B/B+)  
Earth resistance  
Voltage trms (ac and dc) and frequency
Wiring polarity checker, detects broken PE and N wires
Insulation resistance
Continuity and resistance
Measure motor windings with continuity test (@ 10 mA)
Loop and line resistance
Prospective Earth Fault Current (PEFC/IK)
Prospective Short-Circuit Current (PSC/IK)
RCD trip time
RCD trip current (ramp test)
Measures trip time and current for RCD type A and AC in one test
RCD variable test current
Automatic RCD test sequence
Phase sequence test
Other features
Fluke Connect ® compatibility NEW    
ShareLive ™ calling NEW    
Fluke Cloud ™ storage NEW    
On/Off switchable Auto Start for RCD and Looptest NEW
Illuminated display
Memory, interface
Z Max memory NEW  
IR-USB and BLE interface (use with optional Fluke DMS software and FVF)   IR-USB IR-USB/BLE
Included Accessories
Heavy duty mains cord with single input connector NEW
Hard case
Remote control probe
Zero adapter
General specifications
Specification Characteristic
Size 10 cm (L) x 25 cm (W) x 12.5 cm (H)
Weight (incl. batteries) approx. 1.3 kg
Battery size, quantity 1.5 V type AA (IEC LR6), 6 pcs.
Sealing IP 40
Safety Complies with IEC/EN61010-1, UL61010, ANSI/ISA –s82.02.01 and
CAN/CSA c22.2 No. 1010
Overvoltage CAT III 500 V, CAT IV 300 V
Performance EC/EN61557-1 to IEC/EN61557-7 and IEC/EN61557-10
AC and DC voltage measurement trms
Range Resolution Input Impedance Overload Protection
500 V 0.1 V 3.3 MΩ 660 V rms
Continuity testing (R LO )
Range (Autoranging) Resolution Open Circuit Voltage
20 Ω/200 Ω/2000 Ω 0.01 Ω/0.1 Ω/1 Ω > 4 V
Insulation resistance measurement (R ISO )
Test voltages
1662 1663/1664 FC
100-250-500-1000 V 50-100-250-500-1000 V
Test Voltage Insulation Resistance Range Resolution Test Current
50 V 20 MΩ/50 MΩ 0.01 MΩ/0.1 MΩ 1 mA @ 50 kΩ
100 V 20 MΩ/100 MΩ 0.01 MΩ/0.1 MΩ 1 mA @ 100 kΩ
250 V 20 MΩ/200 MΩ 0.01 MΩ/0.1 MΩ 1 mA @ 250 kΩ
500 V 20 MΩ/200 MΩ/500 MΩ 0.01 MΩ/0.1 MΩ/1 MΩ 1 mA @ 500 kΩ
1000 V 20 MΩ/200 MΩ/1000 MΩ 0.01 MΩ/0.1 MΩ/1 MΩ 1 mA @ 1 MΩ
Insulation pretest
Insulation safety pretest Requires to connect the Tester to L, N and PE.
Loop and line impedance (Z I )
Range Resolution
10 Ω(Hi current mΩmode)/20 Ω/200 Ω/2000 Ω 1 mΩ/ 0.01 Ω/ 0.1 Ω/1Ω
Prospective earth fault current, PSC test
Range Resolution
1000 A/10 kA (50 kA) 1 A/0.1 kA
Computation: Prospective Earth Fault Current (PEFC) or Prospective Short Circuit Current (PSC) determined by dividing measured mains
voltage by measured loop (L-PE) resistance or line (L-N) resistance, respectively.
RCD testing, RCD types tested
RCD Type   Model 1662 Model 1663/1664 FC
AC1 G2, S3 A/F4, AC1, G2, S3 A/F, AC, B/B+5, G, S
1Responds to AC. 2General, no delay. 3Time delay. 4Responds to pulsed signal. 5Responds to smooth DC signal.
RCD trip time test (▵T)
Current Settings1 Multiplier Measurement Range
RCD Type G RCD Type S
10-30-100-300-500-1000 mA – VAR x ½, x 1 310 ms 510 ms
10-30-100 mA x 5 50 ms 160 ms
11000 mA type AC only. 700 mA maximum type A in VAR mode, VAR mode not available for type B.
RCD trip current measurement/ramp test (I ▵N)
Current Range Step Size Dwell Time Measurement Accuracy
Type G Type S
30 % to 110 % of RCD rated current1 10 % of I ▵N 2 300 ms/step 500 ms/step ± 5 %
30 % to 210 % for Type A I▵N = 10mA
20 % to 210 % for Type B
Specified trip current ranges (EN 61008-1):
50 % to 100 % for Type AC
35 % to 140 % for Type A (>10 mA)
35 % to 200 % for Type A (=10 mA)
50 % to 200 % for Type B
130 % to 150 % for Type A I▵N > 10 mA. 25 % for Type B
Earth resistance test (RE) Model 1664 FC and 1663 only
Range Resolution Frequency Output Voltage
200 Ω/2000 Ω 0.1 Ω/1Ω 128 Hz 25 V
Phase sequence indicaton
Icon Range Display
Phase Sequence indicator is active 100 to 500 V “1-2-3”: or “3-2-1”



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