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Thermal Imagers Buying Guide

FLIR E4 Thermal Imager with MSX Technology 80 × 60 (4,800 Pixels)

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FLIR E4 IR Camera w/MSX 80 x 60 Resolution/9Hz plus HARD CASE INCLUDED
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  • New Lower Pricing as of 2/16/17
  • See Q&A Tab below for Firmware version
  • FLIR E4 IR Camera with MSX Technology 80 x 60 (4,800 Pixels)
  • MSX technology automatically extracts the critical details from the visible image and embosses them on to the thermal image 
  • FLIR E4 represents a breakthrough in price vs performance
  • Sharp Industrial design, feels great in your hands
  • MSX is better than video blending – video blending dilutes the thermal image where MSX augments the thermal image with just the critical visible details
  • Big bright display 3’’ 200 percent larger display than competing units
  • Innovative “Dark Precision” user interface has a simple central button access point and on-screen tool tips
  • Rubberized - Encased in rubber, lens cap built in, 2 Meter drop test!
  • Thermal sensitivity .15C
  • FLIR Thermal detector has 4,800 pixels and a 10 year warranty and (320 x 240) MSX resolution on all unit.
  • PC and Mac Compatible, Yes you can use your Mac with this camera as well
  • Screen 46% larger than I series
  • Removable tool-style Li-Ion battery.  Quick re-charge via USB style charger
  • Larger 45° FOV See more of what you are looking at!!!
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Product Information

FLIR E4 Thermal Imager 80 × 60 (4,800 Pixels)

Thermal Imaging Camera with MSX

The new FLIR E4 thermal camera is designed to enhance the electrical, mechanical and building diagnostics of users across key industries and professions. The FLIR E4 is an affordable solution that can help professional users track down electrical and mechanical overheating, air leaks, moisture ingress, missing insulation, and a host of other issues that thermal imagers can detect and quantify.

Other Features
Featuring a 4,800 (80 x 60) pixel IR resolution, a 20 degrees C to 250 degrees C temperature range, and ±2 percent or 2 degrees C accuracy, the FLIR E4 features a compact, rugged and user-friendly design, a vivid 3" color LCD display, wide-angle autofocus lens, intuitive camera controls, and an on-board 640x480-pixel digital camera.

MSX Imaging Technology
The E4 also provides FLIR's exclusive MSX (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging) technology, which uses visible details from digital camera photos to create sharper IR images. Along with delivering a much clearer thermal picture overall, MSX makes it much easier to recognize the location of heat issues without obscuring or compromising the integrity of the original thermal scene. MSX is ideal for creating an all-in-one thermal image that clearly illustrates the location of emerging or existing issues, and the bundled FLIR Tools software makes it simple to import, analyze, and incorporate images into easy-to-understand reports to help provide convincing evidence for repairs.

The new FLIR E4 is covered under an industry-leading 10-5-2 warranty, which provides an extended 10-year warranty on the IR detector, 5 years' protection on field-replaceable batteries, and 2 years' of coverage on parts and labor.

Problems & Solutions

  • Electrical Problems — Detect hidden electrical problems like loose connections, faulty wiring, and failing circuits.
  • HVAC Problems — Discover leaky ductwork and troubleshoot heating, AC, and radiant flooring problems.
  • Missing Insulation — Locate poor and missing insulation by comparing temperature differences with surrounding areas.
  • Water Damage — Find and fix hidden water leaks before small issues turn into large, expensive problems.
  • Air Infiltration — Reveal air leaks around windows, doors, and other building envelope structures.
  • Mold and Rot — See temperature differences to expose moisture, avoiding extensive damage and health issues.
  • Destructive Pests — Hunt down burrowing and nesting insects and rodents before expensive damage occurs.

Introducing the FLIR E4, E5, E6 and E8

The First Real Infrared Cameras with Thermal, Visible, and MSX Imaging Starting Under $1K

Now you can afford the ultimate home inspection tool. Gain the competitive advantage, get more done, and take care of more customers. Blow them away with dramatic MSX thermal images that clearly reveal where missing insulation, air leaks, and moisture intrusion are hiding -- convincing evidence that shows where to make repairs to improve energy efficiency, structural integrity, and comfort. An E4, E5, E6 or E8 can help you solve problems and save money for property owners, leading to greater credibility and opportunities.

Your Vision Is About to Go Thermal
FLIR thermal imaging cameras let you see amazing things that your eyes alone can’t, taking you beyond the visible spectrum into the infrared world of hot and cold. With the power to detect and visualize heat issues, a FLIR can show you where potential trouble is brewing. By using a thermal imager to help you find hidden problems early, you have a chance to get them fixed before they cause “self-evident” damage, waste more energy, hurt someone, or shut things down.


Which Camera is Right for You?
Whether you’re new to infrared inspections or already a Level III thermographer, a variety of important factors will figure into your thermal camera decision: how often you use the camera, what you’re inspecting, the angles you’re shooting from, target size, high temperatures, distance, and other considerations. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you determine the right fit for your application, budget, and the way you like to work.

Consider the insulation contractor who got off to a fast start with a low-cost i7 and quickly became known for finding all kinds of ways to help people save on their energy bills. Needing to add a second camera to keep pace, he chose an E60 for its higher IR detail, built-in digital camera, and MSX® enhancement for clearer documentation. The FLIR app connectivity to his iPad made it easier to show results to customers. And the 320 x 240 image clarity improved his web site.

Obviously, different requirements mean one thermal imager may or may not fit all. So, along with this guide, we encourage you to consult with your FLIR dealer or representative who will gladly help you hone your decision.


MSX: A Bold New Form of Thermal Imaging
If you plan to share saved images with customers or co-workers, a thermal image alone isn’t always enough to help them understand what they’re seeing. That’s why FLIR developed MSX ®  Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging to bring together the best of both spectrums in a striking, innovative way. Now onboard the full line of new FLIR E-Series and T-Series cameras, MSX instantaneously generates a definitive, all-in-one thermal picture that easily orients you to the location of the problem as soon you see it on the screen or in a report. No more guesswork or messing around with extra photos.



Introducing the NEW FLIR E4, E5, E6, and E8 Infrared Cameras with MSX

The First Real Infrared Cameras with Thermal, Visible, and MSX Imaging Starting Under $1K

Now you can afford the ultimate inspection tool. Gain the competitive advantage and take care of more customers. Blow them away with dramatic MSX thermal images that clearly reveal problems from sources of energy loss, moisture intrusion and structural issues to overheating electrical and mechanical equipment.

MSX® Thermal Image Enhancement

MSX adds key details from the onboard visible light camera to the entire infrared image in real time. The result: an all-in-one thermal picture with numbers, labels, and other structural features intact so you’ll instantly recognize where the heat issue is.
  Affordable Resolution Choices

From the 4800-pixel thermal image clarity of the E4 to the E8’s incredible 320×240 detector with 76,800 pixels, new FLIR Ex-Series cameras offer a resolution to fit the target size, working distance, and detail required for your application as well as your budget.
The Power of One Button

A focus-free lens and simple button navigation to on-screen settings, imaging modes, measurement tools, and saved JPEGS make all four of these cameras amazingly easy to operate, even with just the press of a single gloved thumb.
Removable Battery

Quick-release, tool-type Li-ion battery is easy to remove, recharge and snap back in. Charge in-camera or with the optional charging station to keep you up and running all day.

Fast Temperature Measurement Tools

The E4 on up feature an on-screen center spotmeter for measuring temperatures. The E5, E6, and E8 also give you an area box tool with an automatic hot or cold spot that hunts down temperature extremes. And the E6 and E8 provide a blue-below and red-above color alarm to quickly alert you to heat issues.

Multiple Imaging Modes

All Ex-Series cameras let you view thermal, visual, and MSX images and store them simultaneously for further analysis using FLIR Tools software. The E6 and E8 also offer Picture-in-Picture that inserts the thermal image over the visible photo as an extra documentation option.

Thermal Only Thermal with MSX Picture-in-Picture
Enhance thermal image stills and video on infrared cameras in real time with MSX, the new onboard fusion process exclusively from FLIR. MSX adds visible spectrum detail to IR images to help you clearly show where problems are and what needs repairing.

Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX)
This new, patented technology is based on FLIR’s unique onboard processor that provides extraordinary thermal image details in real time. MSX incorporates real-time thermal video enhanced with visible spectrum definition. It produces exceptional thermal clarity to highlight exactly where the problem is. MSX ensures easier target identification without compromising radiometric data. The quality of the thermal images is excellent. There is almost no need anymore for a separate digital image. FLIR’s new MSX embosses digital camera detail onto thermal video and stills.

Instant results in real-time
Due to the new MSX feature, thermal images look sharper, the orientation of the target will be done quicker, the reports are clutter-free and it ensures a faster route to solutions.
Users can see the results of MSX technology directly on the touchscreen of the camera, in real time
A new, patented technology based on FLIR’s unique onboard processor that provides extraordinary thermal image details in real time
Real-time thermal video enhanced with visible spectrum definition
Exceptional thermal clarity to highlight exactly where the problem is
Easier target identification without compromising temperature data
Unrivalled image quality. No need for a separate digital photo for reports
Unlike traditional thermal fusion that inserts a thermal image into a visible-light picture, FLIR’s new MSX embosses digital camera detail onto thermal video and stills.
Instant Results in real time:
Sharper-looking thermal images
Quicker target orientation
Clutter-free reports
Faster route to solutions

MSX Image Comparison

Transformer Mounted on Ceiling Transformer Mounted on Ceiling with MSX
Siding and Window Siding and Window with MSX

Thermal Imaging for Building Diagnostics

FLIR infrared cameras give you the power to make the invisible visible. With thermal imaging, you can see, detect, and document telltale temperature differences that show moisture damage, missing insulation, air drafts, nests in walls, and more.

Thermal imagers from FLIR can help you find hidden building problems faster than any other technology, and produce customized reports to justify and validate the quality of repair work.


Missing Insulation
Locate poor insulation quickly by detecting and comparing differences with surrounding areas.


Water Damage
Find and fix hidden water damage quickly before small problems become big, expensive ones, and document proof of your repairs.


Air Leaks
Detect air leaks around windows, doors, and other structures. Repairing them saves energy and money.

What's In The Box


  • Thermal Camera
  • Hard Transport Case
  • USB Cable
  • Power Supply/Charger
  • Rechargeable Battery


Model E4 E5 E6 E8
Accuracy ±2% or 2°C
IR Detector Resolution 4,800
(80 × 60)
(120 × 90)
(160 × 120)
(320 × 240)
Thermal Sensitivity <0.15°C <0.10°C <0.06°C <0.06°C
Temperature Range –4° F to 482°F (–20° to 250°C)
Display Size/Format 3.0”/Landscape
MSX Image Resolution 320 X 240
Measurement Modes Spot
(center) mode
2 modes: 1 Spot
1 Area Box (Min/Max)
3 modes: 1 Spot (center); 1 Area Box (Min/Max);
Color Alarm – blue below or red above set Temp.
Spot mode Center/Fixed
Frame Rate 9 Hz
Field of View 45° × 34°
Focus Focus free
Min. Focus Distance 1.6 ft. (0.5m)
Radiometric JPEG via USB
Thermal color palettes 3: Iron, Rainbow, and Gray
FLIR Tools for PC and Mac
Battery Operating Time ~4 hrs
Built-in Digital Camera 640 × 480
Picture in Picture / Thermal Fusion - - Fixed PIP Fixed PIP
Drop (2 meter/6.6 feet)
Weight (including battery) 1.27 lbs (0.575 kg)

FLIR E4 Product Specifications Summary:
(for full specs please see the full specs tab or the data sheet)

Thermal Imagers/Building and Industrial Thermal Imagers Template

Detector Size What's This?80 x 60 Sensor 
Thermal Sensitivity What's This?150 mK (NETD) 
Temperature Range Max482 F
Temperature Range Min-4 F
Image Frequency What's This?9 Hz
Field of View What's This?45x34 Degrees
Screen Size3.0 IN
IR/Overlay Fusion Image What's This?Yes 
Video OutputNo
Focus What's This?Fixed
Laser Spot What's This?No
Picture in Picture What's This?No
Video RecordingNo
Moveable Spots What's This?No 
Touch Screen DisplayNo
Minimum Focus Distance1.6 Ft (0.488 M)
Accuracy±2% or 2°C
Battery operating time Continuous4 HR
Camera Light What's This?No
IR Digital Zoom What's This?No
Voice Annotation What's This?No

Test Equipment General Attributes

Unique Features* MSX Technology
Warranty2 YEARS
Warranty Details10-Year Detector Protection
5-Year Battery
2-Year Parts & Labor
(when camera is registered within 60 Days)
Calibration IncludedFactory Calibration
Power Supply Voltage120V/220V Universal 
Safety ApprovalCE, CSA, RoHS, UL
Data Logging What's This?Yes 
Interfaces I/OUSB
StorageInternal Memory 
IP Rating What's This?IP54
Product Weight1.27 LBS
Battery TypeLi-ion 
Shipping Weight5.95 LBS
ECCN Number6A993
HTS/Schedule B Number9027.50.4020
Country of OriginEstonia


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Q & A

Q: What firmware version does the E4 currently come with?
A: As of 3/20/15, the firmware on the Ex-series (E4, E5, E6, E8) we offer is 2.3.0 

Q: Does the Flir E4 come with Msx technology?
A:  Yes at 995 the camera does come with Msx technology which before the launch of new E4, E5, E6 and E8 was only found much more expensive cameras.

Q: How do you verify the version of firmware running on an Flir E4?
A: Per Flir all firmware shipped with new unit is the current firmware. In order to see the exact version of firmware on an E4, one must register the camera online at Flir's website.


Q: What is the difference between the Flir i3 and Flir E4?
A:  The Flir i3 has a array size of 60x60 where the Flir E4 has 80x60 array size. The Flir E4 also comes with the new MSX technology. The screen is also bigger on the Flir E4.

Q: Does the Flir E4 come with a SD card?
A: No you have to save the images to memory and then transfer them to the PC or tablet via bluetooth or USB.

Q: Does the Flir E4 comply with the resnet standard for thermal imagers?
A:  No resnet standard says the thermal array needs to be 120x120 min. For that please see the Flir E6 or the Flir i7.


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