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Agilent E3632A 120W Power Supply

Agilent E3632A
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DC power supply. Single output, dual range: 0-15V, 7A; 0-30V, 4A 105/120W. GPIB


  • 105 W / 120 W single output, dual range output
  • Low noise and excellent regulation
  • Front and rear output terminals (E3633A/34A only)
  • GPIB/RS-232 standard
  • Remote sensing (except E3631A)
  • SCPI compatible
  • Save and recall functions
  • Overvoltage protection, Overcurrent protection (except E3631A)
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Product Information

The Agilent E3632A is a 120 W single output, dual range programmable dc power supply designed to meet the most exacting engineering requirements with traditional Agilent quality and reliability.

E3632A/33A/34A single-output dual range power supplies
These single output power supplies give you the flexibility to select from dual output ranges. Output load is protected against overvoltage and over current, which are easily monitored and adjusted from the front panel and remote interface. Remote sense is available to eliminate the errors due to voltage drops on the load leads. E3633A/34A offers front and rear output terminals.

E363X: Power to the Bench
Agilent E3631A - E3634A power supplies are designed for bench automation in R&D design and QA verification. Even at value prices, these power supplies deliver great features and power. Their low noise and excellent regulation are essential for R&D engineers who need to evaluate assemblies or applications, and for test engineers who need to develop repair strategies for production.

Hybrid regulation techniques create a denser, lighter package and a smaller footprint—key considerations when bench space is at a premium. Front panel output connections enable ease-of-use, while GPIB and RS-232 interfaces make for a versatile power source.

Compare to Rigol DP1116A Similar quality and performance at a much lower price!

For a good lower cost alternative unit please see: Instek PSM-3004

Agilent Instek
E3632A 30V @ 4A PSM-3004 30V @ 3A

What's In The Box

  • E3632A 120W Single Output, dual range: 0-15V, 7A; 0-30V, 4A w/GPIB
  • AC Power Cord
  • User's Guide
  • Service Guide
  • Translated Manuals: German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese on CDROM

Every instrument and system we sell has a global warranty. Support is available for at least five years beyond the production life of the product.


E3631A/32A/33A/34A Programmable dc Power Supply Specifications

Model Number E3631A E3632A E3633A E3634A
1 2 3      
dc Output
Rating (0°C to 40°C)
0 to +6V,
0 to 5A
0 to +25V,
0 to 1A
0 to -25V, 0 to 1A 0 to 15V / 7A or 0 to 30V / 4A 0 to 8V / 20A or 0 to 20V / 10A 0 to 25V / 7A or 0 to 50V / 4A
Load Regulation1
±(% of output + offset)
<0.01% + 2mV
<0.01% + 250uA
Line Regulation
±(% of output + offset)
<0.01% + 2mV
<0.01% + 250uA
Ripple and Noise (20Hz to 20MHz)
Normal Mode Voltage <350uVrms / 2mVpp <350uVrms /
<500uVrms /
Normal Mode Current <2mArms <500uArms <2mArms
Common Mode Current <1.5uArms
Accuracy 12 Mos (25°C + 5°C), ± (% output + offset)
Voltage 0.1% + 5mV 0.05% + 20mV 0.05% + 10mV
Current 0.2% + 10mA 0.15% + 4mA 0.2% + 10mA
Voltage 0.1% + 5mV 0.05% + 10mV 0.05% + 5mV
Current 0.2% + 10mA 0.15% + 4mA 0.15% + 5mA
Program 0.5mV / 0.5mA 1.5mV / 0.1mA 0.5mV / 0.1mA 0.5mV / 1mA 1.5mV / 0.5mA
Readback 0.5mV / 0.5mA 1.5mV / 0.1mA 1mV / 0.5mA 1mV /1mA 3mV / 0.5mA
Meter 1mV / 1mA 10mV / 1mA 1mV / 1mA 1mV / 1mA (<0 A), 10mA (³10A)
Transient Response Less than 50 usec for output to recover to within 15mV following a change in output current from full load to half load or vice versa.
Command Processing Time2 <100 msec
Accuracy, ±(% output + offset) N/A 0.5% + 0.5V / 0.5% + 0.5A
Activation time N/A 1.5 msec, OVP ³3V / <10msec, OVP <3V and OCP
Temperature Coefficient per °C ±(% output + offset)
Voltage 0.01% + 2mV 0.01% + 3mV
Current 0.02% + 3mA 0.02% + 0.5mA 0.02% + 3mA
Stability, constant output & temperature ±(% of output + offset), 8 hrs
Voltage 0.03% + 1mV 0.02% + 2mV 0.02% + 1mV
Current 0.1% + 3mA 0.05% + 1mA 0.1% + 1mA
Remote Sense Max voltage in each load lead 1V 0.7V
Voltage Programming Speed, to within 1% of total excursion
  Full Load
  No Load

11 msec
10 msec

50 msec
45 msec

50 msec
20 msec

95 msec
45 msec

80 msec
100 msec
  Full Load
  No Load

13 msec
200 msec

20 msec
400 msec

45 msec
400 msec

30 msec
450 msec

30 msec
450 msec
AC Input (47 Hz - 63 Hz) 100Vac ±10% (Opt 0E9) / 115Vac ±10% (Std) / 230 ac ±10% (Opt 0E3)
Dimension/Net Weight 213 mm W x 133 mm H x 348 mm D / 8.2 kg (18 lbs) (8.4 x 5.2 x 13.7 in) 213 mm W x 133 mm H x 348 mm D (8.4 x 5.2 x 13.7 in) / 9.5 kg (21 lbs)
Product Regulation Certified to CSA 22.2 No. 231 (for E3631A), No. 1010.1 (for E3632A /33A /34A); conforms to IEC 1010-1; carries CE mark; complies with CISPR-11, Group 1, Class A
  1. Accuracy specifi cations are valid after a 1-hour warm-up and calibration at 25 ºC.
  2. 2 Accuracy refers to readback over GPIB and RS-232 or front panel with respect to actual output.
  3. 3 Maximum time for output to change after receipt of commands.

Agilent E3632A Product Specifications Summary:
(for full specs please see the full specs tab or the data sheet)

Power Supplies/DC Power Supplies Template

Voltage Output 1 What's This?Variable
Min Voltage Output 1 What's This?0 V
Current Output 1 What's This?Variable
Min Current Output 1 What's This?0 A
Meter Type What's This?Digital
Constant current/voltageNo
Remote Sensing What's This?Yes

Test Equipment General Attributes

Unique FeaturesThese single output power supplies
give you the ? exibility to select from
a dual output range. The output load
is protected against overvoltage
and overcurrent, which are easily
monitored and adjusted from the front
panel and remote interface. Remote
sensing is available to eliminate the
errors caused by voltage drops on
the load leads. The E3633A/34A offer
front and rear output terminals for
easy wiring.
Warranty1 YEARS
Warranty DetailsOne year for E363xA series power supplies
Three months for standard shipped accessories
Calibration IncludedFactory Calibration 
Power Supply Voltage120V/220V Universal
Data Logging What's This?No
Interfaces I/O Analog Output, GPIB, RS-232
Product Weight26 LBS
Product Height13.7 IN
Product Length8.4 IN
Product Width5.2 IN
Country of OriginUnited States



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